I’m sitting here amazed as I’m watching a video, which I will post shortly (exclusively on my timeline) which makes the comparison between Lot and our time.  What is so amazing is, never before had I made the connection and I’m becoming to make this realization, God demonstrates the “end” from the “beginning”.  In other words, God want us to understand specifically how future events are and will be portrayed by illustrating events which have already transpired.  It would be very difficult to describe some future event without the benefit of it having already taken place.

I want to use the Internet to define the word “sodomy”:  “is generally anal or oral sex between people or sexual activity between a person and a non-human animal (bestiality), but it may also mean any non-procreative sexual activity. Originally, the term sodomy, which is derived from the story of Sodom and Gomorrah in chapters 18 and 19 of the Book of Genesis in the Bible, was commonly restricted to anal sex. Sodomy laws in many countries criminalized these behaviors, and other disfavored sexual activities as well. In the Western world, many of these laws have been overturned or are not routinely enforced.”

The other day I’m sitting in a health clinic and on their television there is this, I’m trying to be nice here, “character” on the set.  The name of this individual is, get this, “VICE Ganda”.  Again, from the Internet:  “Jose Marie Borja Viceral (born March 31, 1976), known by his stage name Vice Ganda, is a Filipino  comedian, television presenter, endorser, actor, author, fashion icon, and recording artist. Viceral is a regular host/judge on ABS-CBN’s noontime variety show It’s Showtime, and has starred in several films, six of which are considered the highest-grossing films in Philippine cinema. He is best known for his stand-up routines, in which he uses observational comedy, situational irony and sarcasm in pertaining to Filipino culture and human sexuality. He is also the first openly gay endorser for a major product in the Philippines (Globe Telecom).”  What I thought was an outright shame, he’s interviewing children, on stage, wearing a pink see-through outfit!  (If there was another phone company I thought better than Globe, I would be changing my provider!)

Yesterday, as I am leaving the building, the elevator opened as I approached it and just for a moment, looking at the face and hair, I smiled.  Then it hit me THIS IS A DUDE who “thinks” he’s some woman.  My smile left and disgust appeared and I hurried from the area because if “it” had said anything, to me, I would not have been responsible for what would happen next.  This “mess” is so acceptable in this country, no wonder they feel free to prance around like some fairy without restriction.  But, I digress…

Here Lot is confronted by “two angels” (Second Angel’s Message) to “come out” of two cities appropriately named, “Sodom and Gomorrah”, for the obvious activity and lifestyle of the residents.  What are we seeing taking place, not in gay-land Philippines but now in gay-accepted United States?  Is it any wonder the same destruction which took place BEFORE will take place AGAIN—soon!  Now, I know, people will come to their defense and question, “What about the thief?”  or “What about the adulterer?”  In short, feel free to write your own post, but you’re reading mine.  SODOMY is wrong in whatever flavor it comes in.  And those who not only practice it, but approve, and let’s throw in, those who accept it or defend it are just as guilty as those who participate, and this should never be.

I’m so thankful the president of the Philippines have stood against and proudly stated, “Not in my country” insofar as legalizing those “characters” having the right to marry unlike my birth country which have completely lost their ever-loving minds during the Obama administration.  Now, I’m not pointing fingers at the man—wait, oh yes I am.  He’s the one who encouraged it and fought/spoke up for them, so, yeah, the blame should rest on his shoulders and those who supported his platform.

When we read the story regarding Lot, out of the entire region only three made it out safely, and it ended up two of them were so badly influenced by the environment, resorted to unnatural behavior in order to continue propagating that sin.

I have a friend, gay, who pastors.  I have no problem saying, “SHAME on you!”  I’ve asked for justification—Biblically, and was told I would get it.  That was months ago and of course nothing.  Why?  Because there is nothing in Scripture which supports this filthy lifestyle.  Yes, while adultery, fornication, bestially, is wrong, too, none of those sought to legalize their lifestyle by legislation and then want you to accept it as an alternative lifestyle which should make it alright in your eyes!  No way!!!

I have a niece here who invited me to a party for her birthday.  I enjoyed myself EXCEPT for those “characters” who were invited, too.  NEVER AGAIN!  Not in my presence.  Somebody has to take the stand and say, “No more.  Your lifestyle is offensive and not acceptable.  Leave your dresses at home and act like the men you were born to be!”

Soon, and very soon, take the warning those who either are or know those who are, and make them aware they do have a choice and they can “come out”, too, and be free from that mess.  Otherwise, they will join those inhabitants of Sodom and Gomorrah hot-stepping, electrically charged electric sliding and twerking over flaming coals of fire!

March 23, 2017