Tuesday, as some of you might recall, I experienced problems with a tooth which needed to come out.  Root canal was out of the question, and for some reason, nova, lido & prima family of “caines” doesn’t work too well, for me; so it was opted I go for general anesthesia.  Sure, I get numb, but it doesn’t last and according to the administrative doctor, where most patients usually need one ampule, they were up to five and considering as many as nine.  But, this is not the story I wish to share.

I remember once when I was put under using sodium pentothal, I do remember being asked to count backwards and failing.  I also remember hearing myself respond in a way I would not normally had done, but in this case, this past Tuesday night, I remembered nothing.  Absolutely nothing and equally as satisfactory, I felt nothing either.  Four hours I slept peacefully while almost half of that time was used to remove a persistent and deeply rooted molar.  I went to sleep in the operating room and woke up in the recovery room, unbeknownst to me what all transpired.

I thought about how it could have been instead of four hours, had something tragic occurred, and we know because we hear of such happening sometime for no apparent reason.  The heart stops.  The brain doesn’t receive enough oxygen, a stroke ensues, so it could have been 40 weeks, or 40 years, or 400 years when next I would awaken and instead of the gentle phasing of the anesthesia wearing off, it could have been the trumpet sound announcing Christ’s return!  Instead of sitting up on the gurney, I could have been rising from the grave.  Even worse in retrospect, it could have also been the second resurrection, having missed the first!

Each night, what I went through in the Operating Room at the Seventh Day Adventist Hospital in Manila, you and I undergo every night in our homes, lying on our beds.  We take it for granted our alarm clocks will waken us; however, and this should be remembered, it doesn’t have to work that way, for our time could very well be over!  Our journey through this life could be finished and we would not have had any warning.  It is indicative how we must live every waking hour in sobriety, in realizing how close we really are to eternity.  It is only one breath away.

Take your sins seriously.  Take your life seriously.  It will take just one unforgiven sin to keep you from enjoying paradise, this heaven we hear so much about.  I never bothered to pray before falling asleep that evening.  That, I can assure you, will never happen again.

You can only truly rest well, when it is in Christ.


August 21, 2015