I finished conversing with a gentleman who was so involved with the so-called, “New World Order (NWO)” that he criticized me and his parting words were, “Instead of being hard-headed go get EDUCATED about the New World Order since it’s ran by satan.  And quit thinking you know everything because you know nothing if you don’t teach about the NWO.”

I “KNOW NOTHING” because I don’t teach about the NWO!  Interesting.  My parting words to him were, “I’m an Adventist, and my need-to-know is the Three Angel’s Message, and this is what I teach.”

The Bible tells of the actual event regarding “Three Hebrews and the Fiery Furnace”.  You should be familiar with this account in Daniel 3.  There’s a deeper truth within I’d like to share with you.  I won’t go through the whole story but hit the point which needs to be examined.  When they, the Hebrews, were told they would be given a second chance, their focus was not on the “second chance” or how to evade the situation, but their focus was on the end result, the truth of the matter.  If they spent too much time in trying to “figure out” what coulda/woulda/shoulda happen, their salvation was at stake, not their mere human lives.

Yesterday I wrote about, “Prophecy” and the importance of knowing it especially as we’re facing these end times.  By understanding prophecy we don’t get caught up on the smokescreen of Satan.  Let me explain:  too many are focused on the NWO, the Illuminati, the Masons, the Jesuits, and everything in between.  There is no way you can predict what each of these organizations will do, but you do know, if you understand prophecy, what is the end result:  “Sunday Legislation”.  I don’t waste time in calculating, projecting, surmising, speculating, but I do watch for the one thing which matters to me, “legislation” because THIS IS WHAT will impact me personally.  Oh but wait, not even this is a real concern, for me, because I keep the Seventh Day Sabbath, as according to Rev. 14:9-12, so those other entities can just “BRING IT ON”, I’m ready!  I know what the END RESULT will be.

Friends, do not be caught up in the what ifs, could ifs, and should ifs, but keep your focus on what is more important, the END RESULT.


September 11, 2014


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