There is a saying which states, “The way to Hell is paved with sincerity”.

After watching the video I posted yesterday, the one with Wintley Phipps and Barry Black, I came away with a different attitude regarding those who are not Adventists and Adventists, ourselves.  I was able to see clearly what is going on in both sides of the camp.  I think, too, I’ve been given a bird’s eye view of how Christ sees us both, and quite frankly, both camps are in trouble!  However, to make it personal, I was able to see myself and I didn’t like what I saw and recognized there needs to be changes, in me, in order to fulfill the role God has placed me.  Training doesn’t stop because one is old and gray, well, in my case, hairless.  Thankfully, God never shuts down classes for any seasonal break, because satan would have simply to wait until the “holiday” to capture the unwary in his grip.

Speaking regarding Adventist – while it is true we have been given something no other denomination has been given, for the time in which we are living, we really need to see our example as illustrated in the life of the Jewish people.  They, too, were given something no other people in their time were given.  In fact, what we’re given is the same thing!  So, will we be as guilty and suffer as they did because we, too, couldn’t get it right?  You know what I’m speaking about.  How being given the Law of God and having the desire to keep that Law, has this caused us, you, me to become arrogant?  To live in exclusivity?  To isolate ourselves from those who are not one of us, not believing while we have something for them, they have something for us, too?  Surely, while they cannot teach us about the “Spirit of Prophecy” which includes the “Health Reform Message”, the “Sanctuary Service” and what is central to our faith, the “Seventh Day Sabbath”; however, what we could learn from them is, “love”, the exercising of the spiritual gifts like “healing”, and did I mention, “love”?  Knowing all we know, do we reflect Christ?  Like one of the aforementioned speakers stated, “You keep the Sabbath but…”

Now a message for those who are not Adventist – while we do not doubt your sincerity and love for God and His Son, Christ, and see it evident by your faithfulness and willingness to help those who are less fortunate, can you state without a doubt you have what it takes to get you from point “a” to point “b”?  Can you, rather, do you really believe to disobey God’s Commandments by substituting it for “grace” is enough to cover your, not faults, but sins?  Do you really believe you can live, eat, drink, smoke your way into paradise and worship God as according to the dictates of your conscience and believe this is acceptable to God and yet are not able to establish your belief as founded upon Scripture?  Are you under the misconception your traditional values and beliefs will carry you from this planet into the Kingdom you so aptly speak about?  The words, “saved and filled with the Holy Ghost” means are you?  And “if” so, then why…

I suggest there needs to be a blending of both groups.  No, I’m not speaking about ecumenism because that’s the problem we’re getting ready to face now.  What I’m speaking about is taking that which is good between both groups and adjoining them together to make a whole, because in truth, we’re partial and “thinking” we’re whole, and I believe this is what John saw in Rev. 3 when speaking to the last church before Christ returns,  “Because thou sayest, I am rich, and increased with goods, and have need of nothing; and knowest not that thou art wretched, and miserable, and poor, and blind, and naked” Rev 3:17 (KJV).  The fact we are separated indicates the “Upper Room” experience has not occurred so why do we think the Holy Spirit’s presence will make its debut into our ragged, fragmented, separatist, biased mess we call, “Christ’s Church”!  There is nothing wrong with the message but the people who are to receive the message.  THIS IS THE PROBLEM!

I have learned I do not want 2015 to be the same as it was in 2014.  I do not want the same attitudes I have this year to follow into the next year.  I do not even want the same types of relationships I experienced this year to be a part of my experience for next year.  It is not a difficult concept to consider when you take a clear, pure glass of water and take a drop of contaminant and put it into that water, which now that glass of water is no longer pure albeit you may not necessarily see the contaminant but you do know for a fact, it is contaminated.  Each molecule of contaminant touches a molecule of water and attaches itself to it takes away from its purity just like any virus.

So, for both camps, we can both be sincere but be sincerely wrong in what we do, live, teach, and share with others because we’ve allowed ourselves to be contaminated but we are too focused on each other’s problems to see the Great Contaminator who’s infiltrating our groups, lives, churches, families and our faith, slowly diminishing it, destroying it, and all the while we’re thinking we’re okay and his goal is the time when it will be made apparent, that the glass is really not as pure as we thought it was, then it will be too late to do something about it.  That’s his plan and for all tense and purposes, it seems to be working as planned and according to schedule.  We’re to reflect Christ.  And if what is being reflected is Christ, then either one of two things is wrong:  either Christ was corrupt or we’re righteous and I subscribe both is not accurate!

Not quite sure—yet, as to what I will do to begin my need to stop being a contaminant agent but I can assure you of this, there will be less of me and more of Him, Christ, that is, because currently I’m not doing as well as I thought I was and I need, we need, to stop projecting we are, well, unless of course, you are!


December 23, 2014


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