“Sin is the sickness, disease, and torment of the soul; Christ came to take away sin, and so to heal these.” –Matthew Henry’s Commentary on Matthew Chapter 3.

I think there is much confusion as to what Christ did come to do insofar as the salvation of man.  I make this of special concern because of the many I see who believe we’re living under the “Covenant of Grace” or the “Dispensation of Grace”, which is the same thing.  Within this belief is the teachings we are not obligated to follow the Law of God, the Ten Commandments but under the law of Christ, something totally separate from His Father’s Law.  It is as if Christians are pitting Christ against the Father and this could never be.  Christ could never make His Father’s Law null and void, a non-issue.  Nothing Christ said or could say would have abrogated, or diminished God’s Law one iota.  Absolutely nothing.  It is so clear, to me, Christ came to “fulfill” the law, but several know what this truly means!  They wish to use the word, “fulfill” as to mean, “done away”, “make of no further use” and although there is some logic and truth it is how it is applied which is in error.

There are two laws which need to be understood, but came from God but appeared at different times for different reasons.  First, the Ten Commandments, also referred to as the “Testimony”, or the “Moral Law” was given to man, placed within his understanding upon creation.  This Law existed before there was ever even one single man upon this planet, for the Ten Commandments, the Law of God has existed for as long as God Himself has existed, which means eternity past and eternity future.  Secondly, there is another law which is often called the, “Mosaic law” given to Moses for the Children of Israel.  There were several parts to this law: civil, dietary and sacrificial.  This law applied to man “after” man had sinned.  Some parts of it were given to Adam and Eve after they sinned, the sacrificial law to be exact.  The dietary law was actually given to Noah of which he was aware long before there was ever anyone called an Israelite.  And the civil law was understood, how we treat one another, which was the catalyst for the world being destroyed the first time by water because man was not only following God’s law but cared even less how they treated each other.

Christ’s purposes was to demonstrate to man how they could live up to the requirements of God’s Law and the second part of His mission was to “fulfill” the requirement of the “sacrificial law” for those of us who fail in keeping God’s Law.  This is why Daniel, in prophetic language stated,

“And he shall confirm the covenant with many for one week: and in the midst of the week he shall cause the sacrifice and the oblation to cease, and for the overspreading of abominations he shall make it desolate, even until the consummation, and that determined shall be poured upon the desolate.” Dan 9:27 (KJV)

Here it is clear, He would come and in the “midst of the week” meaning, in the middle of a week, 7 days each day equal to a year, meaning then, three and one-half years, He would cause the sacrifice and oblation to cease.  In other words, His death would cause the penalty man deserved by breaking God’s Law be paid, or “fulfilled” by His death.  Nowhere do I read where He would cause the “Law” to cease, but the penalty.  Sadly, when you really consider it, the philosophy of those who teach God’s Law was fulfilled, are in essence saying, “We’re made good, again, in God’s eyes by doing away with that which caused us problem, thereby our problems are now acceptable!”  This could never be.  What ended at the cross was the sacrificial laws, not the Ten Commandments.  This is why you and I don’t go out and get a lamb and do what Israel and our first parents did for the first 4000 years of man’s history.  It is now “fulfilled”.  And should we, and I say this specifically because we DO NOT have to break God’s Law, the Ten Commandments today.  When we do, we are able to receive forgiveness for sin by repentance and then know the penalty has already been paid.  Do you not still sin?  There has to be a law in effect in order to sin.  No law, no sin.

It’s as simple as this!


January 29, 2015


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