Sadly, there are some who believe the Ten Commandments did not exist until the Mt. Sinai experience.  However, the Bible is clear there existed sin before the “Law” (written by God’s finger) and “law” (given to Moses – dietary, civil and sacrificial) was given.  In fact, was not the law regarding sacrifice demonstrated shortly after Adam sinned?  Such an important matter could not have waited until Moses.  The plan of the Gospel had to begin at Adam—not Christ when He came.  It actually began with the, listen to this carefully, the first Christ—Adam.  Is not Christ called the “second Adam”.  Then Adam became the first Christ—anointed and lived publicly.  If through the first Adam sin entered, then it was done away by the second Adam, Christ, who lived publicly.

Do not get it twisted regarding the word “Christ”, which means “anointed”.  It also means “an ideal type of human”.  Was not Adam a fulfillment of this definition BEFORE he fell in sin?  Was not this true of Jesus the Christ who came in the likeness of Adam BEFORE he fell into sin, and who lived among us who had sinned, those of us who proceeded from Adam, but we are NOW able to wear the righteousness of Christ for what He overcame!

There was sin from Adam until Moses, and if there is no “Law” there could be no sin.  After Adam’s sin the next sin we hear is that of his son, Cain.  What Commandment was broken?  “Thou shalt not kill.”  Is this a law we can attribute to the Mosaic law or the Ten Commandments?  The answer is obvious.  If there were no Ten Commandment Law then Cain did not sin, since the Mosaic law hadn’t entered into the equation until many, many years later.  And if the sin of killing existed for which Cain was guilty, and that command not to kill existed then, what could be said about the other nine commands, and more specifically that command which God shared with His people regarding how to worship Him, on the Sabbath day?

There is a reticence for those of us who are caught in sin, who live in sin to accept anything having to do with “law”.  We are repulsed by it.  We simply do not like any law which tells us what to do.  If you wish to see how this is most prevalent spend time in jail or prison.  However, to really see how subtle the hatred regarding law is visit any church which meets on Sunday for their congregational worship.  Their whole premise is built upon the fact God’s Law, the Ten Commandments did not exist until Mt. Sinai and it was only given to the Jews, as if there were any other people of God living during that time.  There weren’t any!  There was ONLY the Jews who were able to receive the Ten Commandments and the Mosaic Law, and it was through them the world should have been evangelize.

The New Testament church hates God’s Law, the Ten Commandments.  They wish not to live under the obligation of keeping it and have come up with excuses and reasons for not doing so, from it being given ONLY to the Jews to it having ended upon Christ’s death on the cross.  There are many who are under the false notion Christ gave the Disciples a “new” command and it was changed to the first day (Sunday) of the week.  Yet, there is no Scripture proof and those who believe this lie have been deceived.  If it were so easy for it to be abolished, without Christ dying, it would have, but it is permanent and eternal.  If you do not learn how to keep it now, forget about heaven being your final destination for we will continue keeping it there as indicative of Isa. 66 which states the Sabbath will be kept even after this world has ended.  Is not the Sabbath a part of the Ten Commandments?

God gives information for those who will hear and obey.  If you have chosen to hear and not obey, you will share the same fate as those who have not heard and cannot obey.  There is no getting around this for the Bible is true, and you know it, too, for it simply states, “If you love Me, keep My Commandments”.  God is referring to the ones written within our hearts before sin, later written in stone after sin, and again written within our hearts upon our new birth at conversion.

What is written in your heart?


November 17, 2016