What has been frustrating of late is when I peruse the newsfeed and see the conflicting ideologies of many purporting Christianity!  Now, while I have an expectation to see conflict amongst denominations, what I don’t expect to see is the same varying discussions among those of the same faith!  What seems to be the topic of late is whether the ownership of guns for a Christian would be improper.  Some have gone on to even state you cannot be a member of the Adventist church and own a gun!  When will stupidity learn to be silent?  I’ll be the first to say, someone coming through my door wanting to hurt me or my family, with or without shouting “Allah Akbar” would be met with a molten piece of lead having been fired from a pistol!  Whatever prayer I might offer could be a prayer of healing should the intruder be still breathing.

God placed within His Word, the Bible, remember that book, whereby we can make the best decisions to be made in spite all of the confusion, dogmas, opinions and traps the enemy would use to hurt us.  He stated in Isa. 20:8:

“To the law and to the testimony: if they speak not according to this word, it is because there is no light in them.” Isaiah 8:20 (KJV)

Now, this rule would apply for everything dealing with everyday life regardless if it were secular or religious.  Even if you run down the list, all this confusion, dogmas, opinions and even the traps of the enemy would be apparent and gone!  Even those who claim God’s Law is void and no longer valid tells me one thing:  do not listen to them!  Where is the confusion regarding this?  Would you venture to walk down a path which is dark without light?  Then why do you make yourself available to those who will talk to you who speak in darkness?  I don’t!  I will share with those in hopes of bringing them light and some even have a light on, just a small wattage and it might help if I can be a part of them turning it on brighter, but one who desires to remain in darkness, nope, my time is too valuable and needed elsewhere.

So, yes, it tires me going through all the discussions about things which could easily be clarified by going through the list of 10 principles God has given us.  Even the issue about guns is covered.  God said, “Thou shalt not kill (murder).”  There is a difference between killing and murdering.  Murder is the correct understanding of this particular Commandment even if the end result of both is death.  While it is wrong for me to go out and find you and kill you; that is murder.  It is not murder if you’re trying to hurt me or my family or breaking into my home to do harm.  I’m not going to pray for you!  Except that my aim would be right!  In short, I have no problem with “killing” you!  And, I would not have broken any Commandments having done so.  I would rather others mourn you than me mourning those in my home who look to me for protection and to have failed them, or to have used the stupid comments, “It’s the Lord’s will…”  or “He meant it to be…” or “He would have kept you safe if He wanted…” STUPID!

So, my friends, in all things, let’s revert back to seeing what God has already said regarding all topics influencing and affecting our lives and most of these needless conversations would not be necessary.


November 21, 2015