One of the most beautiful and meaningful concepts we can learn, taken from the ancient Sanctuary Service is the lesson of the Shewbread.  If we study what involved the Shewbread, we would have many of our own personal questions answered.  For example, there are some who question about ministers and their “working” on the Sabbath when the Fourth Commandment specifically mentions against doing one’s work on the Sabbath.  The ancient priest during the time when Israel was chosen as God’s people, prepared the shewbread ON THE SABBATH.  When it was presented, it was presented as “fresh loaves”.

What is the spiritual application for today during this Gospel Dispensation?  It means, on the Sabbath, “fresh loves” of truth is to be presented before God and given to the people.  Two considerations are mentioned:  (1) Those who attempt to eat this bread, on Sunday, since it is not the Sabbath, is it fresh? and, (2) Is what you’re getting on the Sabbath fresh, in our churches today?

The entire Gospel Dispensation is taken from the Jewish economy.  If you understand the Jewish system, you will be able to understand the Gospel.  Separate the two and you separate yourself from being able to be saved.  One was an example the other the fulfillment.  One does not go away but comes into fruition.  The entire laws given to Moses, not speaking about the Ten Commandment Law, but the laws dealing with sacrifice, worship and feasts explains and exemplifies what the Gospel message would entail and its proper observance.  Many people try to explain the former has passed and no longer relevant can never experience the relevance of the new.   Sadly, this explains why those who follow pagan celebrations, customs, traditions and holidays will never come into the truth, just as those who are “in” the truth can never experience relevance of the new because they’re not getting “present” truth, which comes freshly baked every Sabbath morning.

How can anyone explain the Gospel in its beautiful entirety without fully understanding the so-called Mosaic law regarding the sacrificial service, the construction of the Sanctuary, the Sanctuary Service itself, and the feast days and trumpets?  It is impossible to do so.  To say “Christ died for me” is not enough.  There is so much more and to fully understand it, we have to go even beyond Moses and visit awhile with our first parents and what took place when they sinned.  That very instance God, through Christ, set into motion the “Gospel Dispensation” which they could not understand then, but done through an example, with the killing of the lamb.  The very next chapter teaches the greater truth between “false” and “true” worship, in essence, what this whole controversy has been about!  The choice between worshiping God in the manner He commanded or worshiping the one who would be god.

Long before Jesus, before Moses, the Gospel was given to the world.  These are the truths one learns by sitting at God’s bakery every Sabbath morning, receiving and dining upon fresh bread which is placed upon the Altar of Shewbread.

Let’s eat!

July 5, 2017