“Concerning Israel, the Lord declared: “The people shall dwell alone, and shall not be reckoned among the nations.” Numbers 23:9. To us as well as to ancient Israel these words apply. God’s people are to stand alone. The observance of the seventh-day Sabbath is to be a sign between them and God, showing that they are to be a peculiar people, separate from the world in habit and practice. Through them God will work to gather from all nationalities a people for Himself.” Testimonies to the Church, Volume 7, page 109, paragraph 3.

It is getting so it is becoming more and more difficult to determine who are God’s people and who are not and those of us who take stands, who are vocal, who are raising the banner, the standard are now seen as Pharisees or casting “judgment” upon those who desire to continue their assimilation, causes me concern and some anguish as I’m sorry many cannot see in what direction they’re taking in which they’re headed.  God has from the beginning always separated His people from those who were not or thought they were.  Even the very chapters of Genesis 4 & 5 are proof, and what took place in 6 indicative of what is taking place now, yet, so many cannot see this.

Another indicator of God separating His people will take clear evidence toward the end of this week and I’m not talking about the Sabbath day, which is the final separator as the Third Angel’s Message is supported by the angel of Rev. 18 in proclaiming this vital truth which has been stepped on, denounced and criticized as, well, being the divisiveness and should not because, as they say, “Love” is really the answer.  Well, can you not “love” the truth!  Can you not “love” the truth about the adjoining of what is going on in your living rooms as you have set up your idol of a tree which represents what?  Be honest to yourself as I learned to be honest regarding the very same thing in 1978.  That was a good year, for me.  I got rid of two things:  smoking cigarettes and believing in lies.

Let’s face it:  that which you will do on December 25, is it from God or is it from the devil?  It cannot be both.  Is God the cause of it or the enemy?  Is it something all God’s people can participate WITH the world who cares nothing about God, and have you thrown in your hat, in “love”, so there is no distinction between you and them?  God never brings anything upon the world without having given them small pop-quizzes before the actual final exam and every year many of us cannot seem to pass this much more simpler test.  How will you pass the final exam if this is the case?  The separation is not to happen then.  It is happening now, as I write and you read.

While many of us cannot tell the difference—literally, between a sheep and goat, make no mistake, God has no problem in determining who are His by what they do, because of “love”, by not using “love” to overrule what they do!

December 21, 2015