As I’m sitting here and like to think I am contemplating great things, at least I hope so, a thought occurred which now needs to be put into words.  When God is taken out of the picture is when we humans try to fill the void with our own reasoning.  Let’s consider what occurred with God’s Law.

From even before man’s creation, God had a Law whereby all of heaven and the created worlds before us used as a guide, an instructor and indicator of God’s love toward His creation and their love toward Him.  Then we appeared on the scene.  We would do what the other worlds hadn’t done, and we have no idea how long they’ve been in existence, but we believed the lie.  We like to think we are the center of God’s universe and there was nobody before us, but the truth of the matter is, well, we AIN’T!  While it is impossible to see the other planets and heavenly host, it is not impossible for them to see us.  Yes, WE ARE their “Early Morning, Noon, and Evenings news!”  We are their “News at Eleven” report.

When Christ was here He restored His Father’s Law in the hearts and minds of a select few.  For thousands of years they, we, abused it having polluted it with our own ideologies.  When Christ left, He left it pure and undefiled, and it would not be long before we were up to our old tricks.  You see, some of us feel our importance comes from thinking we know more than others, AND God!  We believe we know what is best for us and some of us even have the audacity to think we speak on God’s behalf due to His being silent, so we’ll go about pontificating, correcting and specifying what others must do in order to be saved.  We need to be saved from these people!

Our problem comes when we believe the lie what God has given to us, what was given to everybody and everything else ever created, is not necessary for us today!  People, Christians will admit, the “Law of God” was replaced with the “Law of Christ”, which if they would only open their eyes they’d see it is the same thing!  They also believe the sign of those who love God, the Sabbath, was not binding on them, so they began keeping their own creation—Sunday, and as a result now look at the mess we’re in!  We’ve separated from God and left to our own devices and vices, we have this one, and that one, and another one.  And instead of being “added daily” as during the Apostle’s time, we are “daily adding” more and more denominations built on one particular ideology because it sounds good.  Baptist built upon baptism.  Methodist built upon methodology.  Pentecostal built upon the Day of Pentecost.  And the so-called “Church of Christ” built upon a phrase!  And nobody saw the need to build upon God’s Law which was the truth from the beginning of time—still is, for those who can believe and accept it.  Oh, but you will.  The hope is when you do it won’t be too late.

We, us, can NEVER agree unless it can be founded upon the principles of God which were first given, because God never changes.  The fact you believe God’s Law is no longer valid means God changed!  You wish to get lost in the ideas of dispensations and covenants thinking these big words really spell “excuse” but there will be no excuses when that day comes.  The very thing you wish to put away, done away will be the very same thing staring you in the face when you’re being judged.  How does one get judged without a law?  Tell me the answer to that one!  I will be judged, for example, “Roy, did you have any gods beside Me?  Roy, did you kill?  Roy, did you steal?” Then why can’t the question also be asked, “Roy, did you keep My Sabbath day in honor of Me?”  Will my answer me, “Well Lord, I separated myself from that one and formed a denomination which allowed me to not have to keep it.  In fact, Lord, I got a different one, Sunday, and gave You a couple of hours, believing You would be pleased.”

Then it will be at that time I would hear the words, those three words nobody wants to ever hear, “Depart from Me…”

That’ll be the biggest separation ever and no denomination will help you then!


July 23, 2016