On a post I made on YouTube, a brother makes the comment, “If you could only stop seeing through the lens of Seventh Day Adventism, then you might see things differently.”  He was correct.  I WOULD see things differently, and I WOULD NOT BE SEEING THE TRUTH!  What would really be a shame, I think, is to see what is not true and think it is truth!  However, apparently he KNEW what I saw, and wanted me to see the way he saw, and this wouldn’t be good, for me.

Consider this:  Going to see an eye doctor and making an appointment.  He/she asks you what is wrong and you tell them, “Doc, I would like to see things differently.  I’m seeing things clearly now but I want to see things the way others see!”  Wouldn’t make sense, would it?  Yet, this was exactly what the man asked me to do.  He wanted me to see error, as truth, and be okay with this viewpoint, and I just cannot do it.  I have spent my life being exposed to truth, learned truth, studied truth, and now I am tasked with writing truth, and this person wants me to see error, explain error as truth and join their ranks!  Sorry, I can’t do it.

The one major things about my life which I am so appreciative, to God, is this:  For having brought me up in truth.  Oh, now, I have to admit, I didn’t always think it was the truth.  I even left it for a time, and as I learned and saw how others saw things, I came to recognized what I learned before in comparison to what I was now seeing, was not truth at all.  It was truth in some parts but there was a conflux of error.  The message was broken and what didn’t fit was never explained nor dealt with.  I was to simply overlook it because, now listen, because I don’t want any to overlook this fact and because we’re hearing it so much, in fact, too much today.  I’m supposed to just “rest in God’s love”.

Ohhh, I’m so glad I don’t see things the way others see them, because God is not only love but He’s also about justice, and truth.  He does not overlook error because of this “love” He has toward us.  He does not see you and me differently because of some astigmatism and not being able to see what is really going on in our lives.  He does not overlook anything, but sees it the way it is and then desires to do something about it.

Others are falling for this same view of shrouding sin in love.  You hear often statements about “you’re judging me and have no right”, or “Brother, just ‘love’ for this is the Gospel”.  Why would God give warnings if something unpleasant was not ahead and maybe we just can’t see it—yet, or from where we are standing?  God is for real.  Truth is for real.  Error is for real.  Heaven is for real and Hell is even for real, and if we are not standing upon truth which is easily seen in Scripture, then we shall fall in error and pay a dear price for it.  I don’t want to see error and not know it.  I don’t want to see error and be happy and content with it.  I don’t want to see error and cover it up with love, and then watch this brother or that sister go into hell simply because I “loved” them!  That’s ludicrous.

So, if you don’t see things the way I see it, stop trying to look at me, and look at Christ!

July 30, 2017