As I’m finishing up my daily devotion which began this morning and soon evening will begin, it makes me wonder how many who are looking, wanting answers think they can find them by merely reading the Scriptures as if they are sitting on the surface.  The Bible says clearly:

“Search the scriptures; for in them ye think ye have eternal life: and they are they which testify of me.” John 5:39 (KJV)

How many of us search our homes for no reason at all?  If you were told by your employer to go search and never told you what it is to find, how many of you would get up from your desk to begin searching?  What are you looking for?  What is it you are wanting?  It is with these types of questions is the reason why we open the Bible to begin with.  If you don’t have a question, or need an answer, then you are similar to the person who is looking for anything and that which lies on the surface, a rock or stone, should suffice you; but, I can tell you this, I look for jewels.  I want precious stones which I add to my collection because it has value and when I need to do so, I have them so I can share them or trade them with others who have a supply of jewels, I might wish to add to my collection.

Listening and reading some of the posts makes me wonder and shake my head as I read the worthless drivel some come up with and it tells me one thing:  they’re reading but not searching.  They have found a stone and think it is valuable because they haven’t held a jewel in their hand.  To a blind man, a chuck of gold and a piece of lead is the same thing.  Both are metal and both are heavy but one is truly valuable and the other is not.  In fact, gold is also called a “precious metal” and anything “precious” is meant special, to be kept and cherished.

So, how many of you have a nice collection of stones?  It is quite apparent when you write and you spent a whole lot of time compiling compressed dirt thinking you have just given a precious jewel.  It takes time to find jewels and even when you have found it, there is some cleaning which takes place in order to bring out the beauty, the luster which many others will find attractive.  Reading a chapter before you go to bed is not “searching”.  Spending five minutes is not searching.  If the excavators during the gold rush during the mid-1800’s in the United States had spent the same time searching for gold as you do in the Scriptures, well, there’d still be plenty of gold in them hills!  They’d only be picking up the stones which are lying about and never getting to the real treasure which lies deeply beneath the surface.

My friends, let’s set aside time, daily, for God and the searching of the Scriptures, for truly, there is the jewel of eternal salvation.

December 8, 2015