The thought occurred earlier this morning, “Morning Devotion”, while I was having mine.  Let me share, with you, my morning devotion.  It is in several parts, presently:  (1) I read one (EGW) Manuscript writing, (2) I read one New Testament chapter of Scripture (KJV).  I read the “Tynsdale” version, the SDA Commentary on the chapter.  I also read the New International Version followed by the Douay (Catholic) version, followed by the Matthew Henry Unabridged Commentary. (3) I do the same for the Old Testament (KJV), reading one chapter.  Along with this, I read the “Wycliffe” version, the SDA Commentary, followed by the Septuagint and followed by the Matthew Henry Unabridged Commentary.  Then I read one sura of the Quran.  This usually takes me about three to four hours.  My devotion period is transitional.  When I complete one version of the Bible, I go on to read another.  When one commentary is completed, I’ll add another.  Since I’m nearly finishing the Quran, I’m considering the volumes, “Rise & Fall of the Roman Empire”.  I’d like to read this or it might be Josephus, “Antiquities of the Jews”, which I began reading several years ago.  These last two works will take years to complete.

Afterward, I will spend an hour, or two, reviewing YouTube videos of “present truth”, prophetic messages followed by an hour of current news. I’ll be beginning a new series, tomorrow, and it contains 95 videos, each about one and a half hour long. Intermingled with the above, if I am given a message to write, such as I’m doing now, I will take the time to put my thoughts in my laptop, edit and then post in the various appropriate groups, my page, and various websites and social media links I’m on.  What I am finding is this, everything is inter-connected!  I have a thirst for knowledge.  Thankfully, I’m blessed.  No, “really” blessed because I’m at a time in my life which could either be very boring or too full, and I’m glad it is “too full” of what I want to accomplish before I either pass or unable to comprehend and read as comfortably and satisfactory as I’m doing today.  I have, currently, over 11,000 books on my digital library, many of which I’ve already read, and adding new ones when I hear about them.

My point?  The keyword, “morning devotion” came across my mind and now I know why.  When I was young, my reading material consisted my “Sabbath School Quarterly” and some form of a “Morning Watch” or Devotional Book.  What I received from it was a “little” knowledge, but that was fine because of where I was in my development.  The “devotional” gave me that encouragement and motivation to accomplishing something during my day, but I can tell you this, today, none of this would be enough to suffice what is developing “outside” of me.  The difference today is similar to the difference between grammar school and college.  In grammar school knowledge is presented and you have a guide to present it.  At the university level, you have a guide to direct you but you have to go and re(search) it out.  The other beautiful concept is when you recognize “light” is not something on the outside, but something within which “clicks” or “turns on” like the proverbial light bulb.  My question, to you, today is this:  Are you still looking for hand-outs or are you taking whatever time necessary to do the digging on your own?

Do you see, for example, the election and what has transpired as similar to someone who hasn’t a clue as to why these things are happening, or, are you one who is in tune with what is transpiring not only from a historical but prophetical understanding?  In other words, do you see the “Big Picture” or what they, and they can be the media, want you to see, and they haven’t a clue to the “Big Picture”, but how is your focus?

In my Old Testament reading, for example, Solomon has just died and I will read about his successors.  I’ve read these chapters many times before, but never had I considered those successors of Solomon, the splitting up of Israel into two kingdoms have relevant and prophetic meaning for today!  It does and I intend to get a full understanding of what God did THEN because He repeats Himself LATER, but you won’t get this if you’re reading, well, the “milk” and not the “meat” of the Word.

I’m more than aware most of you have work and will continue doing so until you’re able to retire as I have, but be aware as the time marches on, you can never be where I am now as I can never be where those before me were, because time doesn’t stop for us.  We have less time today and God is definitely opening light.  I hesitate to call it “new” light because the light has always been shining, we just hadn’t noticed what was “in” the light—until now.

Do not let this time, the privilege and opportunity to remain in the light which is shining brighter now than ever before to pass over you and while you think you are in the light, you’re really barely seeing what is right before our eyes.  This is the one time you can actually stare into the source of light and not be blinded but directed to a fullness of awareness and truth.

March 20, 2017