We know God chose a small group of people, from the linage of Abraham, because of a covenant God made with him.  These people were the ONLY people on the face of the earth given such a privilege to be a witness to the other nations of their relationship, with God.  They were given the Ten Commandments, the transcript of God’s character, which no other nation could claim.  They were to stand out, to be different, and to be found attractive in their organization, their cohesiveness among themselves by contrast to their distinction from the other heathen and pagan nations about them. The beauty of the experience was those who desired to become a part of this great people would be able to do so by their admission and admittance to the one true God.  Hence, the term, “Jewish” or “God’s Chosen People” came about, a denomination, if you will, as we use now in these latter days.

The devil has brought about a strategy which makes it distasteful to be a part of a “denomination”.  You have people claiming to be “non-denominational” which, in essence, makes them a denomination!  However, this classification does nothing to warrant joining and establishes a more “scattering” among the supposed people of God.  Now the “Jewish” Dispensation has terminated in 34 AD, and since then we’ve entered into the “Christian” Dispensation, there is still seen a scattering, even from its early days, which was not a part of the former.  Although they were known as “Jews”, there were twelve tribes, but there were still “Jews”.  In the latter dispensation, we’re known as “Christian” which is composed of both “Catholic and Protestant”.  Not needing to discuss Catholicism and all it stand for, taking a closer look at the other, the Protestant, we still see a “scattering” because there is nothing rooted which brings them together.

I suggest what was given to God’s People in the beginning will be given to God’s People in the ending of our earth’s history, and this will be the “Ten Commandments”.  In 1843 through 1844, there was a period of time when the scattered became the gathered because they all sought the same, the “Second Advent” which was predicted.  Those who believe in Christ’s soon return became known as Adventist. Out of all the “scattered” (denominations), they formed a cohesive organization, putting away their differences until the Great Disappointment occurred, twice!  Some return to the state of being scattered, while others chose to renounce any belief at all and wanted no part of the organizational structure of denomination, while a smaller group banded together—still, closer together, and two years later given the same which was given to Israel at Mt. Sinai, the Ten Commandments, which is what draws all men into a closer relationship with God.  And for the past 160 years, this group known as Seventh Day Adventist have continued to preach the message for these last days with power.

However, the enemy knowing all this has sought about to cause a “scattering” among this group to lessen their influence and message by bringing about a familiar situation, a comfortableness once recognized, a “scattered” experience; through being “shaken” by truth which will not be acceptable to those who are finding it content to remain as they are, not being committed with being a part of the gathered, denominational, position of standing affirmed and distinct from those others who claim a similar relationship with God.  The difference is, the “truth” is not something “new” but something “old” which are called “landmarks” which have always established God’s People and made them distinct, which is found in their worship.  The Jews worshiped according to the Ten Commandments and God’s People, Christian, today, will also worship according to the Ten Commandments, creating a marked (no pun intended) distinction between who truly IS God’s People versus those who claim to be.

We know when Christ returns it is likened to a time when He will call His sheep from the goats.  His wheat from the tares, because no matter how similar they may appear with each other, there is a difference, and not only does He know who they are, but they know who they are, too.

It is time for those of you to know where you belong.  If you are not worshiping God according to the Ten Commandments, you are in a state of being “scattered” and not “gathered” into the people, the “denomination” He’s brought about and there is nothing wrong with being adjoined to this group, for they are His.


August 22, 2015