…When I walked into SM Sta. Mesa  City mall and heard the “Christmas” songs being played, even one of my favorite groups, “Jackson 5” belting out, “I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus”!  So early in the year, I am to be assaulted with this pagan, um, for lack of a better word, “mess”.

As I walked home, the Lord witnessed to me about idolatry.  How caught up are “His” people and they don’t even know it!  Let’s give you a clue:  three months from now, if there’s a tree in your house and it hadn’t been there all year, and you’re putting decorations on it, you’ve been victimized!  This is about the biggest form of idolatry there is second only to what occurs every Sunday, when church doors are opened.  If you’re there, that’s the second clue you’ve been victimized by Satan.

He’s lost and he knows he lost, so he disguises himself in religious garb, speaking peace and love, knowing the end result is destruction.  He rejoices in having as many of you, not me, I’ve escaped, caught up in supposedly worship of God, when in essence it is worship directed to him, because God isn’t in Christmas, never was, and neither is Sunday a part of Him either.  Idolatry.  No, it doesn’t have to be an actual idol.  Idolatry is anything which represents something, in this case, having to do with God, which God has not enjoined upon us to do, yet we do it anyway thinking we’re honoring Him, and we’re not!  Sadly, so many feel justified in their actions..

The same people who teach we’re no longer under the Ten Commandments are very ones who teach others to do as they have done, by violating the 2nd Commandment regarding idols, making it so much easier for the breaking of the 4th Commandment.  Yet, they wish to justify themselves by saying “love” is the covering we’re under, and as long as I’m “loving” to my fellowman, I’m in compliance with some man-made idea of a covenant, which doesn’t do anything because the “love” they should have had for God has been destroyed!

Either you follow God or you don’t.  Either you follow God by what He says, or you won’t, and then you’re left up to facing circumstances of your own doing.  So, “grin on” Satan, we’ll see who has the last laugh.


September 5, 2014


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