“He [Satan] asked the Savior to bow to his authority, promising that if He would do so, the kingdoms of the world would be His. He pointed Christ to his success in the world, enumerating the principalities and powers that were subject to him. He declared what the Law of Jehovah could not do, he had done.”

When I read this quotation, I had to agree, Satan did have a good point!  Of course, you are aware this took place during Christ being tempted, by Satan, in the Wilderness.  God’s position has been to gain the world back to Him, through losing it, because of Adam’s actions and sin.  The point of Christ coming was to enact that great plan of salvation which existed before the creation of the world.  Satan’s argument was, in Heaven, God’s Law was unjust and not necessary.  It served no good purpose and perhaps had some good point; however, was antiquated and not necessary in a perfect environment because all were followers of God, by choice.

Isn’t it interesting the same false belief exists today, IN GOD’S CHURCH!  We have pastors, so-called evangelists, deacons and so-called prophets who teach God’s Law is null and void, not necessary, antiquated and unjust!  Unjust in the fact man could not possibly keep it and since we’re under a dispensation, a “covenant of grace”, which in their thinking, means to cover any sinfulness within the human condition, a mere impediment, was removed at the Cross of Christ.  This is what most of Christendom teaches and sadly believes.  That very same trick He used to thwart Christ’s purposes, which Christ didn’t buy is sold and purchased every Sunday morning when the doors are thrown open for church services!

Satan was expressly telling Christ, “I have done what You and Your Father failed to do.  I have the whole religious world bowing to me.  I have the whole civil world bowing to me and I’m willing to turn it all over to you, if you would do me this minor favor.  Bow down before me and acknowledge me.  Give me the credit where credit is due.  Just once and it’s all Yours.”

Christ did not give him the satisfaction.  So, why do you?


January 27, 2015


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