One of the marvels of understanding the Sabbath is what it, the Bible, does not say about it in the beginning but how it accomplishes such in time.  You no doubt have heard from those who are Sunday worshipers there is no Biblical imperative of actual worship on the Sabbath or seventh day of the week, which we now call, “Saturday”, in the Genesis story.  I beg to differ.  Consider God first keeping the Sabbath after having made man and his wife.  They’re spending this first Sabbath with Him, learn of God’s prerogative and practice and in “remembering” continue to do it each successive Sabbath.  It is understood.  There is no need for a “written” thus saith the Lord.  Every Sabbath, they’re spending time with God as it becomes their practice, both God and man, together.  One cannot help but be in a state of worship when in the presence of God, which later we find in Exodus, takes place each and every Sabbath day.  There is no need to question whether Abel, Seth, Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Lot and the other patriarchs kept the Sabbath by written edict because it was by divine edict previously given.  When Chumlee, our kitten, was brought into this home having found about a week old, he learned by watching Tabby, who was, too, a kitten brought into our home more than a year prior.  He would watch her and learned by example which kept him from getting the beatings Tabby earned by disobedience.  If animals we consider “dumb” can get it right, why can’t we who are considered intelligent!  I didn’t have to train Chumlee as I did Tabby, nor did God have to train the Patriarchs as He did Adam and Eve.  They fell into place accordingly.

Let’s stay in the Garden a bit longer.  We don’t know whether the forbidden fruit was eaten any particular day or even the Sabbath but what we do know is God would visit them assuredly ON the Sabbath, again, determined by successive Bible chapters and it was then revealed the Plan of Redemption because of what they did.  It would be on that particular Sabbath it would take on a whole new meaning, not only that of memorializing creation, their origin, but now their redemption, their future because of their present which took place prior to that Sabbath meeting with God.  It would be no secret to them, Adam and Eve, having spent whatever time prior to their being created and their having made their mistake, knowing when God would be expected, and no matter what, they were not “prepared” in meeting God because of what they had done.  Perhaps this gives more meaning to the Preparation Day, which we call Friday, the day before the Sabbath, when we meet with God.

Let’s fast-forward and discuss God’s dealing with His “chosen” people regarding the manna.  They were directed to get a certain amount each day, but a double portion on the day of Preparation, which would sustain them on the Sabbath.  Again, this is by divine edict since the written edict hadn’t been given.  They learned during their forty year experience in how to “prepare” to meet with God for their weekly Sabbath meeting/worship.  Moses later would be directed to come up on the seventh day, the Sabbath, to be in God’s actual presence, in the sight of the people who were watching, later receiving the “written” edict which only certified what had been previously understood by divine edict.

Today, we have the “written edict” in our Bibles which exemplifies the “divine edict” and yet those who claim to be God’s people will not dignify God’s presence on the Sabbath with their own, but for many in ignorance and others in rebellion, determine they will meet God by custom and tradition on the first day of the week, Sunday, as opposed to God’s chosen day for His chosen people!  That Sabbath Adam and Eve would learn also had redemptive power which was not so prior to their having fallen.  How many of us forego that redemptive power, each Sabbath (Saturday) when God who has asked us to “Remember the Sabbath day…” had good reason for it is on THAT day our redemption is being worked on, by God, to correct the destroyer’s work which would begin anew on the “first” day of the week!

Some interesting analogies, I would say!  Wouldn’t you?


October 24, 2015