We have all heard the latest conflicting news of several Seventh Day Adventist Churches who will begin having, “Sabbath-like” services held on Sunday, for whatever reason they have decided to do so.  I don’t want to mention their reasonings because none of them are worthy of note.  In other words, to provide an excuse is to justify the error similarly to when we discuss sin.  To provide an excuse for sin justifies sin and sin is never to be justified.

While sitting here, this early Sunday morning, having for the first time ever, a “Sunday morning devotional period”, the thought occurred to me, “What if Sunday worshipers began holding “Sunday-like” worship services on the Sabbath?  Would they now be considered, “Sabbath-keepers”?  Would this be a justifiable strategy in order to become exempt from obtaining, “The Mark of the Beast”?  Perhaps the definition of this so often heard phrase, “The Mark of the Beast” need to be reinforced so all is clear as to what it is and what it means.  Quite clearly, “The Mark of the Beast” are those who follow in satan’s attempt to change the Sabbath (Saturday) worship of God, as a memorial of creation to the tradition of keeping Sunday, the memorial of Christ’s raising from the dead.  The “Seal of God” is given to those who “keep holy” the Sabbath day (Saturday) as distinct from any other day of the week.  It needs to be stated, “Sabbath equals holiness”.  No other day can make this claim.

By noting the difference it is understood readily why those who do not keep Sabbath (Saturday) holy will never become exempt from receiving “The Mark of the Beast” no matter what they do, even if they hold “Sunday-like” services on the Sabbath.  However, the attempt to hold, “Sabbath-like” services on Sunday infers the, “holiness” of Sabbath can be transferred, or better, “shared” with Sunday, which can never be!  There can NEVER be a “Sabbath-like” service on any day of the week accept it being on the Sabbath (Saturday) day.  Elder C.D. Brooks makes a clear analogy using a glass of water.

If you give someone a glass of water, who is thirsty, they will gladly receive this water and be refreshed.  However, if you knowingly put poison into the water, undetected by their senses, albeit they might be refreshed, they will also die because of being tricked into thinking they’ve received a second glass of water like the first.  This is what will happen when you hold, “Sabbath-like” services on Sunday.  You’ve mingled the pure with poison, thinking they’re receiving what is good but will bring about their death, eternal death, and there could never be any justifiable reasoning for doing such a thing.

I’m calling for all members of those particular churches who attempt to hold, “Sabbath-like” services on Sunday to leave those churches and find “true” Sabbath-keeping churches because the one you’re attending has just apostatized and will be recipients of “The Mark of the Beast” as if they were Sunday-worshippers all along!

It doesn’t matter how cunning the enemy is for God has given His established criteria how we’re able to detect his tricks.  They’re contained in the Ten Commandments.  And since we know the Fourth Commandment is the one commandment which makes the distinction between followers of God and those who are not, there should be no compromise, no switching, no sharing, nor any attempt to disguise it to read:

“Remember the Sabbath day, and Sunday, to keep it holy.”  Do not knowingly practice a lie.  Those who are already doing it are doing a great job!


February 15, 2015


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