The Bible mentions the “separation of the wheat from the tares.”  Matthew 13:24-30.  However, very few know what really separates the two.  In fact, when you look at a picture of them, side by side, you will notice one thing, they are similar in appearance.  (See photo below)

wheat vs tares 001

What is Christ sharing in this parable?  Let me make something very clear here, whenever Christ spoke, about His people, He is never referencing the world.  The world is lost, so why would He do so?  He’s more concerned about those who “claim” to have a relationship with Him, but fail to reach the mark.

Christ is giving a very sober message.  Sobering because many who believe they are adjoined with Christ will find when it is too late, they weren’t and will be rejected, as if they were a part of the world all along.  This is very sad indeed.  So, there must be something which separates God’s “true” people from those who “think” they are.  What is it?  It’s found in the 4th Commandment, “The Sabbath Day”.

The Seventh (Saturday) day Sabbath is the “Seal of God”.  What is a seal?  A seal gives these characteristics:  1.  Who it is, 2.  Their official title, and 3. Their jurisdiction.  If you ever paid attention to the television whenever they’re awaiting President Obama or any other previous, you will note when he is standing behind the podium, they will show the seal of the “president”.  NO ONE is able to stand behind the podium, with the seal shown at the same time, otherwise, someone viewing would think that person is the president.  Now, if there is someone else there and the seal is shown, it is because the President is standing with this person.

The “Seal of God” is only found in Exo. 20:8-11.  It shows “who” it is–God.  It show His “title”–Creator, and it “tells” His jurisdiction–Heaven and Earth. So, by keeping the 10 Commandments, more specifically the 4th one means you will and are sealed, by God, when the time comes for separating His people from those who think they are.

Friends, there is a meaning to hearing this.  I don’t continue to bring this information forward because I’m “stuck” and can’t move beyond.  I’ll continue sharing facts regarding the 10 Commandments until everyone of my friends and loved ones come to an understanding and makes the decision either “for” or “against” doing what God has asked us all to do.

Don’t be a “tare”.


August 5, 2014


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