October 4, 1974, the day I turned 18, like most teenagers living in the United States, I was anxious and full of excitement because I received the two most important keys anyone could ever receive:  the key to my first apartment and the key to my first car.  Many of my friends, here’s a nostalgia moment for you:  that key was one of the first given, for the apartment, do you not remember Tubman Terraces opening in Poughkeepsie?  And that car, THAT car, I drove like a madman, the very bright orange Super Beetle, the last year that model was made, with the electronic shift because I could not drive a manual stick at that time!  The third most important key was the key to get into my office at IBM, but this was given August 28.  So, for an 18 year old kid, with those keys, I possessed it all.

There is a freedom associated with having keys.  Having a key to my work allowed me to have the freedom to maintain those others keys which allowed me to go where I wanted to go.  I could eat what I wanted to eat.  I could live how I wanted to live.  I was no longer under any parenting rules because you remember how they used to say, “As long as you’re living up under my roof…” well, now I had my own roof and if they chose to visit, they would now have to be up under my rules, which basically, there were none.  There was a freedom enjoyed, within reason of course, but it was a good life, stretching my wings and flying as far as I wanted to fly.  Twenty four years ago, I lost the key to the employment due to substance abuse, which affected the other two keys which has forever effected my life.  However, one key remained which forever would remain unchanged.  The “Sabbath” being a “key”.

The Sabbath is a key which unlocks the questions many have regarding the Bible.  Every Sabbath-keeper recognizes and will confess the Sabbath is not a restrictive lifestyle but one of freedom.  Many nominal (Sunday-keepers) think the Sabbath was a Jewish institution and not for Christians, but little do they know it was a key given to Adam and Eve, which were neither Jewish nor Christian, but God’s creation and it reminded them before and after The Fall, God was still their Creator and now their Redeemer. Every Sabbath which rolled around brought a satisfaction, a pleasant reminder of their relationship with God, which those who do not keep cannot possibly understand!  For, you see, nominal Christians don’t have a problem with the Sabbath, per se, their problem is with their relationship with God.  God, Himself, is the one who said, “If you love Me, keep my Commandments”.  And it is the Fourth Commandment, the “Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy” which we do because we “love” God and “honor” God by doing as He has asked us to do and would have it no other way.  And when the Sabbath occurs weekly, not only does it remind us about how He made us and love us, but how He sent Christ to die for us, so He is able to have us join Him in His home very soon.

All of the mysteries, well, they’re mysteries for those who do not hold the “Sabbath key”, are opened and revealed in light of the using of this key.  How many of you have tried to open a door using the wrong key?  You didn’t get too far, did you?  It didn’t matter how long you tried at the lock, or how much pressure you applied to the key, or turning the key upside down, you never got that lock to move and received what was inside the container.  The same with the Bible.  It does not matter what you use but without the “Sabbath key” you will NEVER understand the beauty of what’s inside the Bible, and quite frankly, you need to stop fooling yourselves thinking that you do!  You don’t, can’t and won’t until you begin to use the key only a few of us have learned to use properly, given to us by the very hand of God, first on Mt. Sinai, but after He did what was done before, spoke the word in our hearing, as He wrote them upon the heart of Adam and Eve.  Our first parents learned an important fact.  It was, even when you’ve fallen and made a mistake, if you would just get back to holding the key, it makes your life and experience alright with God, again.

Get your key before it is too late!


May 23, 2015


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