The dictionary defines “rest” as:  cease work or movement in order to relax, refresh oneself, or recover strength.

The same dictionary defines “peace” as: freedom from disturbance; quiet and tranquility.

Combining those two words “rest in peace”, it is defined as: a short epitaph or idiomatic expression wishing eternal rest and peace to someone who has died.

When someone dies the Bible states quite emphatically they “know nothing”.  Nor, are they aware of what is going on.  Their very thoughts have perished.  Absolute nothingness prevails.  There is no conscience, no conscious thought, and no further existence.

So, the question begs to be asked, why do people who are Christian wish to delve into the area of spiritualism?

I’ve seen in several post about John Glenn, the renown astronaut, honorable military man, and senator who just past.  While we wish his family and friends comfort during their time of bereavement, for me to state he, or anyone, even my own beloved grandparents “rest in peace” defies everything my religious beliefs stand for, according to Scripture.

Mr. Glenn and others are not “resting” to become refreshed or recover strength and it is for certain, they are not experiencing freedom for being disturbed or having tranquility which is only experienced if there is a conscious state.  These things can only be experienced if, IF, the individual is in a conscious state and the dead do not exist in a conscious state.  That’s why they’re dead.  They’re dead!

The devil in the Garden made the bold lie that we will not “surely die” when God said we would.  That same spiritualistic lie has crept its way into the Christian realm where so many believe when people die their “souls” return to God and they’re living in Heaven.  Show me where the Bible says that and I’ll show you a deceived person who has fallen for the lie, the first lie given to humanity.

No, my friends, there is no: “rest in peace”.  Say your good-byes and get along with life, for this is all we have left.  Keep the memories alive, because it is for certain your dearly departed has none and is not thinking about you!


December 9, 2016