It has been now more than an hour we have heard God’s Church stand for principle and not for popular, contemporary ideology.  While many of us are breathing without concern, there are others, outsiders, who were hoping we, too, would follow the same path other churches fell by this ungodly move.  Satan, himself, is again, a defeated foe.  So, now the watch goes out for how he will come again with an attack.  He failed at convincing the overall body and now his focus will be on individuals.

It saddens me when I consider well-meaning people within the body of our great church who will now be involved in not meaning-well for what is right.  How they will still lobby, individually and collectively to sway others by what they will call, “civil disobedience”.  Let me tell you, it worked for the racial issue back in the 60’s, but there cannot and will not be a “March on Silver Spring, MD”.  We need to look at the bigger picture.

More nominal Christians who were watching us, as were those in the world, will have greater respect for our Church and for what we stand for.  There will not be the banter, “They’re just like everyone else.”  And no matter what those inside will do to counter what has been determined, they cannot succeed, although, I believe many will secede.  This is to be expected and they will follow those who are called Davidians, Shepherd’s Rods, Layman’s Movement, and others who “think” they are doing what is right, having believed in a lie and are deluded.  You see, the nominal churches are deluded into thinking Sunday is the Sabbath day.  The world is deluded thinking there is no God.  And there will be those within the church today who are deluded for such issues as women’s ordination, etc., which counter the guidance and leadership of the church and Spirit of Prophecy.  We should expect this to occur.  It is called, “The Shaking”.  Sadly, those who are undergoing this currently think they’re standing fast, and they are not.

Now is when “love” becomes a factor.  As was stated at the end of the vote results, this is not a time of celebration.  There are no “winners” and “losers”.  As OUR President so stated, “this is the time to come together, putting aside differences and feelings.”  This is OUR time to show the world and give evidence of Christ-like love, to welcome those of differing beliefs, to bow ALL of our heads because there is none who can go without prayer.  But for the grace of God…

Let’s disappoint the negative ones who are watching for our demise and failure.  Christ said the gates of hell will not prevail against His church.  There is a decision to be made, for each of us.  Will we be within those gates, safe and sound, or will we be accounted one of those who are trying to break in?

Let’s stand TOGETHER, for the mission for the world needs a united front.  All else is sinking sand.


July 9, 2015


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