In 2017 I had purposed to complete two goals.  One was in the completion of my music hobby I had been working on.  It was to have each of my nearing 13,000 track library catalogued and heard, and the second was to complete the New Testament portion of my own Bible study app, both of which I have been working—daily and carefully since 2013, well actually before this if you don’t count the years of, ahem, legal complications, then going back to 2007, for the music, and since 1982 for the Bible program having gone through issues due to apostasy and drug addiction.  Then it happened.  My laptop required to be reset.  For those not familiar with the term, it is when “the” dreaded event occurs which requires a factory “reset” of whatever gadget you are using.  What survived was the Bible portion.

There was a lesson implied in the experience and it is plain to be seen, but will it have the meaning it is supposed to have?  What is the meaning?  Those things we do, for God, will outlast any effort we make for ourselves.  We have to distinguish what is important (sacred) versus what is insignificant (secular).  My music collection, and “yes”, while it does contain some Gospel music but not nearly in comparison to my jazz and r&b collection was recoverable but not in the format I worked so hard to develop and now I’m questioning was it worth it.  Will I again invest the time and effort or just listen to it when I feel the need?

The Bible library was recovered without loss!  Everything could be put into its place without concern and going forth from the “reset” has been no problem, at all, and I’m on track to complete what was started.  Intrinsically, what will I take from all of this effort is the knowledge gain, life-changing information processed and shared.  What I am doing, have been doing when I first thought of doing this 35 years ago will in fact last for eternity.  The music?  Well, most of which would not have a footing in the Kingdom and even some of what is considered Gospel is questionable, at best; and, I hardly think the angels would render their version of whatever I have contained in my library!  However, they might desire to sit and hear how I have come to certain conclusions with Scripture.

What’s the point?  We have only a short period of time in which we are alive on this planet.  Some longer and some shorter, but whatever time we’re given is all we have.  We can sit around and as my mother used to say, “bump our gums” regarding political issues and correctness, discuss fashion and food recipes and just have complete insane lapse of good common-sense wasting away clicking keys to enable us to be on social networks, or we can do something meaningful, lasting and productive.

There are various “reset” buttons which God pushes in our lives to help us to find what is the most important issues and then for us to dwell upon them because then our lives have meaning and purpose.  We often forget and go off on tangents and then He has to hit the button again to bring us to our “right minds”.  We can be thankful He is watchful, diligent and concerned about how we spend the time He has given us.

How many of us are tired of “starting over” again?   Why not hit your own “reset” button and learn to focus on what is truly important.

April 5, 2017