Is a word which has significant meaning.  It is a word which may imply several things:

  1. Remember – to not forget what it being said
  2. Remember – in spite of what you are being told, keep to what you’ve been told
  3. Remember – when a change occurs, stay with what you been instructed to do
  4. Remember – the times when you have done such and such
  5. Remember to Remember – when you are challenged to forget

Out of the 148 occurrences this word appears in the King James Version, the one which is the MOST significant occurs in Exodus 20 verse 8 where God Himself speaks to His people with these words:  “Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy.” That’s it!  There is no more.  There is no condition, any “what if’s”.  A friend stated, “what God has ended with a period, man should not replace with a question mark!”

What was given to man, by God, on two occasions, once in the Garden of Eden which was written in their hearts, the latter what was given 2,600 years later on Mt. Sinai, and the third occasion which is written upon the true follower’s heart in the New Covenant, which is merely the Old Covenant, just takes us back to the creation week when God written it upon Adam & Eve’s heart, has not changed and IS the rule of life.  However, there is only one Commandment which is prefaced with the word, “Remember”.  And, for good reason.

In this era of man’s history, it appears clearly man has not remembered what their Creator has told them.  This forgetting cost Israel greatly and was punished numerous times because they “forgot” what they should have “remembered” and can we, today’s “spiritual” Israel do any better?  Do you possibly think you can achieve the Kingdom without “remembering” what God has specifically stated He wanted from you, to “remember” His, not mine, not yours, not the angels, but HIS Sabbath day?  He kept it first, it is His, and He’s given it to every one of us, but what is it you’re doing with it?  Are you remembering it or have chosen to say to God, “I am not going to remember it because I’ve found a better way to reach you!”  That in itself bespeaks of blasphemy.

Remember what God has told us, otherwise, you will reap the penalty.


September 15, 2014


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