“And he said to him, Evening and morning there shall be two thousand and four hundred days; and then the sanctuary shall be cleansed.” Daniel 8: 14 – (Brenton Septuagint Translation)

How many of you picked up the two confusing parts of this verse?  Or, did you read it not knowing?  For most Seventh Day Adventist, a red flag would have gone up because it is the foundational basis of our belief, other than the Sabbath, and yet many of you would not have gotten this, never mind nominal churches who have no clue regarding prophecy, or those who do not encourage the constant reading of the Bible.

This post is in regard to a post I shared on my timeline.  It indicated how sadly so few of us actually have ever read the Bible completely through, cover-to-cover.  Let’s ask the question to you!  How many of you have ever read it, your Bible, and I don’t care what version but preferably King James (1611), cover-to-cover?  How many of you have been a member of the church for 5 years?  10 years? And 20 years and have not read the Bible through at least once!  If you’re one of those who can honestly and willingly admit to not having done so, SHAME ON YOU!       Except the above mentioned verse probably so familiar because of hearing it over and over again in our churches, or should, then you, too, would have read this verse and never knew the implications it would have had for those who don’t know truth!

I make it my business to read the Bible at least once a year.  I also make it my business to read various versions of the Bible.  This particular version was recommended by a friend, and I’ve almost completed reading it but today this verse rang bells.  Why and how?  BECAUSE I READ THE BIBLE—CONSTANTLY.  The way this verse is written, whether intentional or grammatically incorrect throws the whole Investigative Judgment belief right out the proverbial window. The entire Sanctuary Service is based upon this verse, therefore Daniel’s vision is meaningless, your and my faith is worthless, and well, not to poke fun, since I’m a very direct man, we all might as well attend a church on Sunday because the Sabbath would mean nothing! And we’d be just as lost as anybody else.  It is imperative, friends, to have a working knowledge of Scripture.

I shared with a friend the Bible states the Holy Spirit will bring to our remembrance those things we’ve learned through reading.  Well, if we haven’t read, what is there to bring back?  How will you know what is truth versus error?  How will you be able to defend your faith in lieu of those who preach/teach error?  Simply put, how will you know?  How will you know?

If not already in the process of reading your Bible through, at least once in your life, I would suggest you begin to do so now.  Your soul salvation is dependent upon it.


December 18, 2014


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