First of all, with the recent news and all of a sudden we’re seeing these combination of colors seemingly to form a rainbow, let me be the first to announce:  It is not a “rainbow”!

One of the important points I try to make whenever I am asked to teach is this:  “satan will ALWAYS have his counterfeit.”  Is something which is counterfeit real?  Would you rather have the genuine or a counterfeit?  Ladies, for sure because you’re caught up in the scheme of shopping, would you prefer to have a genuine whatever bag is in vogue or a “knock-off”.

Few people have noticed the so-called “gay” rainbow has six colors.  God’s “true” and genuine rainbow has seven colors.  Which would you rather have?  God’s number has always been represented by “seven”, while the enemy always come up one short, “six”.  This rainbow revolution is not unlike regarding the Sabbath day which is the seventh day of the week.  Herein, where does six come in?  Well, I can think of two:  Muslims and Jehovah’s Witnesses hold their high weekly services on the sixth day of the week, and we know both of them deny Christ as being God.

So, while homosexuals are wrapping themselves around with the supposed freedom to now “marry”, just as their dis-colored symbol is only a “knock-off” or counterfeit, so is their so-called marrying ability.  It is NOT a marriage at all!

Nothing about this whole mess is real except it will “really” burn in that day.


July 1, 2015


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