I just had a conversation with a young man who is searching for Truth. Enjoyed my meditative/exercise walk and now back to spend a full day of studying, praying and researching Scripture when I came across this quotation: “The soul that accepts Jesus places himself under the care of the Great Physician, and let men be careful how they come between the patient and the Physician who discerns all the needs of the soul.” Sounds pretty much like a warning, doesn’t it? Well, it is!

We/I/You have to be careful and need to learn how to stop having all the answers and begin to lead people to the Source of all answers. The quotation goes on to say, “Christ, the physician of the soul, understands its defects and its maladies, and knows how to heal with the purchase of His own blood. What the soul lacks, He can best supply. But men are so officious, they want to do so much, that they overdo the matter, leaving Christ no room to work.” I am so guilty of this, but I’m learning.

A lot of time, opportunities to offend could be stopped if we would simply remember our task is to “lead” others to Christ, through His Word. I’m learning quickly how to ask someone, “Have you read the Bible, cover-to-cover?” Most likely the answer will always be “no”, then how can you argue with someone who makes it a purpose to read it continuously? It’s foolish to think those sitting in an algebra class would know more than the one teaching. One is called the “professor” and the other is called a “student”. When the roles are reversed or not respected, then there begins to be chaos. We need to determine which role we are in when it comes to matters of Scripture.

We/I/You need to remember this important fact, when someone has chosen to come to Christ, and Christ puts you in that person’s path, it for the purpose of you guiding the person to Christ! Not to your understanding. Not to your beliefs. Not to your eloquence of presenting information, but to Christ. You DO NOT want to be the person which actually blocks the relationship between Christ and the individual. You really don’t! At the end of the day, someone will have to remind you how to get back, and it won’t be to your liking how it is accomplished.

Let’s keep our focus on what is necessary and leave all that other stuff alone.


August 6, 2014


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