Do you not find it interesting, as I do, when listening to many in their attempt to prove an error and witness to their thinking, their energy which goes into establishing their error, with truth?  I’ve often said about crack addicts that if all the time, energy and the development of their sales pitch in order to procure more money for their drug use could be put into a positive manner, they’d be powerhouses in the field of marketing.  They will take all of the positiveness of truth, of which there is no denying, all for the purpose of doing something wrong, and they know this but hope they can convince you otherwise.

The same regarding religious discussions.  It always fascinates me how those who wish to prove their point beyond all shadows of a doubt regarding Sunday as being the “Lord’s day” will utilize everything in their grasp, history, prophecy, theology and with men of old who are supposedly to be the “early fathers” of the church as proof of their fallen speculation, to convince you what is not true nor can be proven true, because they believe it.  No one wants to see themselves as being wrong, or under a deception.

I like the following quotation:

“Men fall into error by starting with false premises and then bringing everything to bear to prove the error true. In some cases the first principles have a measure of truth interwoven with the error; but it leads to no just action; and this is why men are misled. They desire to reign and become a power, and, in the effort to justify their principles, they adopt the methods of Satan.” (Testimonies to the Church, Volume 7, page 181)

And once all these words of convincing is given, then there is an expectation for you to accept and then adopt into your own life, as they have done, and if not, you are placed in a position of not worshiping God properly.  In other words, the following quotation now has a special meaning:

“He declares: “I hate robbery for burnt offering.” “Thou shalt not have in thine house divers measures, a great and a small. But thou shalt have a perfect and just weight, a perfect and just measure shalt thou have…. All that do unrighteously, are an abomination unto the Lord thy God.” Isaiah 61:8; Deuteronomy 25:14-16.” (Testimonies to the Church, Volume 7, page 179)

The same argument could be made regarding those who ARE teaching truth to those who are in error who just cannot see truth for what it is because of their desire to remain in deception and they don’t even know it!  I guess this is why it is called the “Great Deception to come”.  Here’s a newsflash for you:  It has arrived.

Satan sold a bill of goods to our first parents.  He convinced them their worship was not accurate although they received it from the One to whom worship was due.  There should remain no doubt regarding such, and there was none UNTIL someone came along who had a different perspective.  Someone who wanted to present “diverse weights” in order to achieve the same goal.  Someone who convinced them if they would just try a different approach, the benefit of having more would mean more and their lives would be so changed they would wonder how they could have lived all this time without having had this experience.  And try as they might, as they munched on that bit of fruit they found each chew to be not only to be delicious but something they tasted was just not right, but it was too late because they swallowed the error.  Then comes their witnessing to someone else of the perversity of truth and the expectation they will join them and will try all they can do to establish how their error is in fact truth.  And we all know, it can never be.

This is why I like the position of truth.  Truth never needs to be defended or proven.  It is truth and it stands alone.  Error on the other hand requires an inordinate amount of proof to establish it as what it is not, truth.  It takes convincing, manipulation and just plain out lying in order to get you to see that it is truth, but it can never be truth because no matter the time, belief, custom of tradition, or justification, error can never be truth and truth can never be error, but if you are not able to see the distinction, it is not the problem between truth and error, but you!

I now can understand Pilate’s question to Christ, “What is truth?”

Sometimes we can be just so close to it, see it and yet not know it!



January 18, 2016