I have to believe God speaks to His people today as He did yesterday.  I also have to believe God does not require us to be a “wait and see what happens” kind of people, but does take steps warning His people BEFORE an event is to take place.  Let me offer an example:

In July 2002, after having binged on drugs and afraid to return home to face the music my ex-wife was going to be playing, I sat for a while in a playground, on a swing when I heard God’s voice speaking.  He said, “Don’t use that email address.”  There was no mistaken His voice or the message implied.  Now, it would be nice and I’m one of those who wishes God would be a little bit more forthcoming with His messages, but, He does what He wants and I have to believe if we act upon the information given, then there would be less regrets for not having done so.  I also believe when He does offer, if it is possible, “too much information”, or as they say today, “TMI”, this is when we begin to question what needs not to be questioned and get us into all kinds of trouble.

For about a month I paid attention to the message.  I stayed away from that email address and all I had previously done on that account.  Then, like what he, our ‘Accuser of the Brethren’ did to Eve in the Garden, he stops by and began his tempting, “Did God really say to avoid that email address?  Surely He did not mean forever.  Why not just check to see if there are any emails you don’t want to miss.”  I listened and I acted, and the next month I found myself living in a “guarded community”, courtesy of the federal government of the United States!

When I review the Scriptures and see how God dealt with His people, at no time did He ever allow tragic events to take place without giving warning whether it was Him directly, or circumstances orchestrated, by Him, which gave those who were watching and enjoying a special relationship with Him being kept informed and they, in turn, would warn His people of imminent events.  Then comes the other side of the coin.  Those who God speaks to then feel compelled to speak with His people and this is where the problem comes in.  Very seldom, if at all, will the majority see the caution and then abide by it.  Then there are those who couldn’t spell the word “clue”, continue to remain clueless when God’s servant voices the warning, and then what happens? They ostracize, criticize and even at times cause the mouthpiece of God to suffer tremendously even unto death!  I read one case the other day where one of His servants was “disfellowshipped” from the church, and I’m talking about the Seventh Day Adventist church, as if it would be the method to silence God’s servant.  It did not, and I’m glad it did not because I have learned and benefited as a result.

This past weekend I had an opportunity to share what I believe God is speaking to me, and others, about what is to transpire—soon.  What I learned doing this was not everyone will be receptive, care or believe what you will say.  It is truly a discouraging situation.  One lesson I have always taught and now need to re-teach to myself is, “Never take it subjective or personal when involved in God’s work.  Always remain objective.  Keep your feelings out of it.”  Lesson learned.

I believe God’s servants who will be vocal regarding endtime events will be in a short crash course of preparing them to stand.  Some will be called to give warning to the church while others will be ordained to give warning to the world.  God will have every base covered so no one can ever make the claim, “I was not told…”  It was simply a matter of, “You were told but you didn’t believe.”  I know what happens when one believes but does not follow-through.  There is no time when we receive the message of God we should ever put our guard down.  Eve put her guard down and you see the mess she presented to Adam.  Adam put his guard down and you see the mess we’re involved in.  I put my guard down and spent three years, some of which, was spent in solitary confinement, under a literal guard, where my relationship with God grew in ways it almost has me shouting, right now and right here, even as I type this message, because it was so good.

Will you be putting your guard down, too?

May 15, 2017