I’m sure what is familiar to most of you is the song learned as children in church, “Jacob’s Ladder”.  The most important lyric in the song, “Every rung goes higher, higher.”  Even in children’s song, we grow into adulthood missing the truth and the clue of all hidden meaning.

Think about it:  If you are wanting and needing to obtain something and you know it is somewhere, how soon will you get ahold of it having never left your comfortable chair?  This happens to occur with our religious experience.  It is reminiscent of the parable Christ told regarding the woman who had lost her coin.  Also, the shepherd finding the lost sheep.  And unlike the parable of the “Prodigal Son” we bemoan and become frustrated but we don’t rise above the common, the pit of disgust and grow.

I realize everyone does not have it is as good as I “believe” I do.  Most of you work to support yourself and your families, and can only dream about the years of retirement, which I am enjoying today.  So, you’re not able to spend 8, 10, 14 hours reading, studying, researching, in essence growing exponentially because of putting in the effort.  But, what are you doing?  Are you doing anything at all, or has your religious aspirations become limitations which cannot exceed where you are?

When’s the last time you had a good ol’ fashion Bible study—with yourself?  Or, does your religious searching consists of a few measly verses, perhaps some Sabbath/Sunday school quarterly, and you call it a day, until midweek prayer service and Sabbath/Sunday service?  If you are having a mediocre religious experience, you will attain more than a mediocre religious crisis.  You will fail.  Abject failure and it didn’t have to be that way.

I’m becoming more and more assured of the leading of the Holy Spirit.  He fully knows us and understand our abilities, weaknesses and strength.  It is when we put off, say “no”, or deny what He is telling us is when we put ourselves beyond the reach of His warnings and the “unpardonable” sin has taken place.  He’s our only link to the Godhead and without Him, well, there is no speaking, praying, meditating with God.  He is the one who truly “guides” us into “all” truth.  So, when you have this feeling you’ve not done something to advance yourself in the area of religious growth, reconsider and follow His leadings and watch and see if you are not blessed for having done something—anything, at all!

Make each day count toward getting what you hadn’t had the day before.


April 20, 2016