In 1974, I turned down the opportunity of attending what was known then as Oakwood “College” on a scholarship. As I reflect, to think I would have walked those hallowed halls, taught by some of the best, lived among God’s people who are now heads of various parts of ministry, there is some regret but not much.  I was not ready.  Instead I chose to pursue an opportunity with the prestigious corporation, International Business Machines (IBM).

God would still have His plan for my life.  In 2002, I was provided living quarters for the next 26 months on the beautiful island of Puerto Rico, and you can call it a “gated-community”, if you like, on the dime of the federal taxpayers.  It was there I wrote my book, “If You Send Me, I Will Go”, get the idea for another book, “The Addict’s Devotional” which is now posted every morning on my website and FB page, and overcame my addictions.  It was also a time when God had my attention and despite the threats from correctional officers and staff, I concentrated on what God had for me, often sending me to the “Hole” or “Box” where I developed a relationship with God because of the isolative lifestyle I came to prefer.  When released to population I found it interesting whatever book I got from the Chapel it seemed to follow in a progression I could not have chosen myself.  God was giving me an education but in a manner, again, I would not have chosen for myself.

Finally, in my mid-40’s, I was learning how all things pertaining to my life was coming together.  How the good would get better and how the bad was also used to instill character and help keep the focus on what was pertinent.  I began to see how nothing is wasted when you’re with God and He does have a plan for each and every life no matter what life’s circumstances might have thrown at you.  For sure, the text:  “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.” Romans 8:28 (KJV) became a reality, not a theoretical but an experiential part of my education and life.

Again in 2010, I would have another opportunity to spend three years, this time, at the expense of the taxpayers of the Great State New York to further my education and relationship with God.  In this instance, all the books I could get my hands on, again, seemed to follow a progression which was no short of a miracle.  Many more books available yet the ones which I chose seem to follow a path being directed by the Holy Spirit which furthered my education.  I would graduate January 2013 and then be sent abroad to where I am now.

Now, my training continues in a wealth of accessible material which I devour recognizing God’s progression—still, in my life.  He’s motivating me to write sharing whatever He has given me, and I do.  Sometimes I’m amazed at what ends up on my laptop’s display screen which is later shared with you, but a thought enters my mind which is the purpose of this particular writing:  “God has directed what I have read/am reading in order to further His purpose in my life.  What are you reading?  Is God in charge and directing you?  Are you benefiting or are you wasting time, or could it be you’re only getting yourself more confused about life and what God expects from you?”

There is definitely a progression to life and either you are on it or you are digressing and that’s not good by any reason.

You need to know.


May 2, 2015


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