A brother writes on one of my posts, “I cannot see the connection between ‘Climate Change’ and the National Sunday Law.”  Another brother stands behind this premise, “Everything written by the Apostles is enough for us, and we don’t need the Holy Spirit to interpret, just the “godly” men who were used.”  These are troubling statements in one way and damnable in another.

Can you imagine in your thinking Daniel or John writing whatever it is they saw, and we have what it was they saw in their books; however, do you possible think they understood what it was they wrote?  Daniel was told directly that he would not and it was remain impossible to understand what he was instructed to write UNTIL a certain time.  When John came along and wrote the “companion book” (Revelation) to Daniel’s book, self-entitled, even he hadn’t a clue as to what he wrote, but he did what he was instructed.

Now, there are two classes of thought brought about by the two brothers mentioned.  (1) Someone who is well read but does not get the connection.  Nothing wrong with this.  One simply has to guide the brother to the information to help him make the connection.  (2) The second brother is without hope as long as he persists in his way of thinking.  For one, what the Apostles wrote is “not” enough because there is more to be written!  Secondly, we NEED the Holy Spirit to continue interpreting and, as Jesus said He would do, “guide us into all truth”.  When you are visiting say a national park, you are given a guide which could be a map or a person.  It is the responsibility of the person to lead you through the park and show you certain points of interest.  Obviously the guide doesn’t really know or understand your interest, but his/her job is simply to get you through from where you are to the other side of the park.

God has never stopped revealing truth to His waiting and searching people.  If you are looking for words such as: “climate change” in the Bible, you won’t see it.  John or Daniel were never told about it so don’t look for it to be there.  They might have seen the outcome but they would not have understood what would cause it.  Even Mrs. White who wrote 1,700 years after John, being a lot closer to our time could not have been given everything, nor would have understood everything necessary for our time.  To make the assumption she did is to contain her, or restrict her where there is no warrant and it will also limit you in growing.  This cannot ever be good for anyone.  Take Noah.  He was told to prepare for a time which had never once occurred before in history.  What was “rain”?  If no “rain”, could there have ever been a “flood”?  Yet, he was faithful and while building he was teaching what he fully did not understand, and didn’t have to.  He just had to do what he was instructed to do.

God continues to shed light and opens the Scriptures which the Daniel began, John did and Sister White later, but DO NOT THINK it ends with them.  God has His modern day Daniels, Johns and Whites to continue delving into the hidden mysteries and meanings, and will have His modern day writers to open up what the others only began so we all manage to see the points of interests and get to the other side of the park on this historical journey of Christianity we are walking today.

April 15, 2017