I was born into a family of Adventist believers, from both sides, both sets of grandparents having come into the Truth from various denominations, two of which I know:  Baptist and Methodist.  I was raised not knowing anything but the Truth, from infancy, and can adequately state from the time of my birth until I left home, two weeks were missed from Sabbath service attendance.  I participated in the church as a chorister, choir member, Sabbath School instructor and local elder.  In my twenties, I began searching for “truth” because of my own unsettled ideas and the belief, “just because it was mother and father’s, it may not be for me.”  I joined with the Missionary Baptist became a pastor and later joined with the Church of God in Christ, as a pastor.  Unsatisfied, I left God altogether and claimed atheistic beliefs.  Having lost my faith opened the door for the enemy to introduce me to hard drugs and substance abuse became my form of worship until one night, July 4, 1993, while the country was celebrating its independence, God would bring my own into a reality and full circle back into Adventism.  It’s been a journey I would not have chosen for myself but it is also a journey I have no regret and grateful because I know, that I know, that I know, in Whom I believe and the Church He would have me a member.  My “shaking” has already occurred but I shall no longer be moved because of the foundation which was set.

As I review the earliest movement of the Seventh Day Adventist Church, I see a similar type experience.  A “light” was given, a perfect light, and having come from 1,260 years of darkness, such as when walking into a darkened room and the eye assaulted with the brilliance of light, there is a moment of stumbling if movement is continued, until the eyes have adjusted to the light and the surroundings.  Later, one is able to circumvent the room without bumping into objects and to go about business—because of the “light”.  The “light” was not the problem but the inability of those who required it is!  In my own life I experienced, “growing pains” and as a child often encounters the edge of tables, hard floors which results in bumped heads and skinned knees, the memory is encouraged to remember how to keep balance because it doesn’t want to suffer any more, “I fall down and go booms”.

Today, I have many questions of unsettled understanding.  It is no different today as when I first attended school.  I was there to learn algebra.  No matter how I approached the course, my unbelief, inability to grasp the concept didn’t change what would be presented or could prove what was being taught as inaccurate and false.  The teacher made their living having learned and now teaching others.  Whatever my opinion might have been had no influence on the lesson and the foundation “one plus one still equals two” no matter how convoluted someone else might want to make it appear.

Truth is Truth and it doesn’t matter what you think, what I think, or what others believe, and Truth doesn’t need you or me to determine whether it is Truth or not.  It stands all by itself.  We can do one of three things: (1) Disbelieve, (2) Believe, (3) Have faith it is Truth until we believe.  And like my own personal experience has solidified me into the Truth, this faith of Adventism, this Seventh Day Adventism, no matter what I read, hear or learn, I will NEVER depart from this faith because it is the Truth; however, it is arrived progressively not due to Truth being progressive because it is absolute but because I’m not absolute and suffer with a disease call, “sin” which weakens my understanding, my intellect, but it does not weaken my faith!  Not anymore.


February 20, 2015


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