We read the story of the woman with the “issue of blood” who for many years suffered at great cost.  When we take into account of all the people pressing around Jesus, that day, and every other day when He was here, the Record states ONLY ONE person, this woman, was healed in such a manner.  What was the difference between her and everyone else who was there, trying to seek Christ’s attention?  The answer is this: she was “pressing in” for help, for healing, utilizing faith because of her situation.  The question becomes:  “if she hadn’t the great need would she still have demonstrated the faith?”

Many of you do the obligatory prayer, church attendance and “fellowship nicely” with those placed in your sphere of contact.  Things are going pretty good for you, as well as the normal, routine expectations which will occur in life.  But why is it when your job is not being threatened, there is no “pressing in”?  Why is it when there is no illness under your roof, there is no “pressing in”?  Why is it when there is no bank getting ready to foreclose on your house or the auto possessor is not taking your car, there is no “pressing in”?  Let one of these situations appear on the horizon, then there is a “pressing in” and an expectation of God to “handle His business” because somewhere along the way you have failed to handle yours?

Does it take God to step back and allow satan to come into your life, more than usual, for you to “press in” closer to Him?  It’s a shame when you think you have to create a situation in order for your spouse to show some love to you, or, to have your children give you some quality time out of their lives.  What would be the result of the relationship you could have, with God, if you were able to develop the need for “pressing in” when things ARE going well?  Did you ever think in terms of your eternal salvation is value enough for you to be “pressing in” on a regular basis, or have you gotten to the place in your experience when you can be the character reference for Revelation 3:

“Because thou sayest, I am rich, and increased with goods, and have need of nothing; and knowest not that thou art wretched, and miserable, and poor, and blind, and naked” Rev 3:17 (KJV)

Too many of us are sitting back on the wrong impression we’re doing okay, and we’re not.  If the angels themselves who surround God’s throne can be in continuing worship repeating, “Holy, holy, holy”, why is it we can take a break, and once a week, regardless of your faith and day of worship, for about two hours and think by saying, “Holy, holy, holy”, will result in anything worthwhile?  You see, the difference between us and that woman is she understood her condition and recognized there would be only one way to receive what would change it.  Her faith was so strong it took her outside her cultural senses to go where she was not authorized without permission, to crouch low to conceal most of her appearance, but in actuality it was a demonstration of her condition and obedience and the obeisance not required, but necessary, when approaching Greatness, which those around her were not cognizant, which warrant her receiving what she wanted, needed and others did not.

Can you imagine on that day when her testimony will be and we’ll see her, well, those of us who did what she did, will see her and together we will be able to exclaim, “I’m here.  I made it because of ‘pressing in’”.


April 2, 2015


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