One of the joys about the Sabbath is understanding and then participating in the Day of Preparation, the day before the Sabbath.  The Sabbath is not only THE memorial of God’s Creation, but is also involves remembering our redemption.  To think and consider what He’s done for us “before” sin and now “after” sin.  However, before we are able to enter into our “rest” whether we’re speaking in regards to the Sabbath rest or Redemptive rest, there is a time of “Preparation” which goes before.

On Friday, the sixth day of the week, we “prepare” to meet God by our actions.  We finish our work just as God finished His.  We leave those things which we are not able to complete, believing and trusting God will keep His word, which He never fails to do, by preserving whatever we were not able to finish until we are able to resume on the day following the Sabbath rest.  THIS IS MOST IMPORTANT.  How many of you who keep Sunday or know others who keep Sunday even talk about a day of preparation before?  It doesn’t happen.  When you lose significance regarding what the true Sabbath of God holds, you lose everything pertaining to godliness!

We are living in a state of preparation—daily as we prepare for the day when Christ shall be seen coming in the clouds.  There will be no time for preparation then, for then the rest has begun.  However, there will be no persons who are undergoing the weekly training to meet God at the end of every week will fail to meet Him at the end of time prior to eternity.  THIS IS WHY we keep the Sabbath day, God’s true Sabbath, Friday evening until Saturday evening, at sunset, holy.

Nothing of what God has taught us is wasted.  I have about six hours before the Sabbath begins, as of this writing.  I know this.  I have this much time to prepare to meet God when the Sabbath begins.  This characterizes my life in an actual sense.  The difference, I don’t know when the Lord will return, so I stay in a state of readiness, continuing to prepare myself daily.  You cannot understand this concept if you do not understand the Sanctuary Service.  You will not understand what they, Israel, did then and what we, Spiritual Israel, must do today.  Our Day of Atonement is going on, RIGHT NOW, and the only way to be able to receive the blessings which come AFTER is by what we do BEFORE.

This is the time BEFORE.  This is why it is called the PREPARATION DAY.  Let’s take advantage of it!


October 23, 2015