What I have noticed, perhaps you, too, are the many “prognosticators” which seem to be plenteous whether on their pages or within the various groups.  The shame of it is, many set their watches to their seeming everlasting predictions which over time proves worthless.  Let there be one major earthquake and it is, “Jesus is coming”.  Let there be a tornado or multiplicity of hurricanes (typhoons) and it is, “Jesus is coming”.  The Stock Market fell over 500 points, and it is, “I told you Jesus is coming!”  I remember hearing this from my grandparents, who probably heard it from their grandparents, who heard it from…get my point!  And yet, here we are.

The main point, “Jesus is coming” is a given, so the question should become, “What are you doing to meet Him?”  Are you so “not” busy you have so much time to look at every so-called indicator of an event which it is impossible to know, instead of preparing yourself to meet this most awesome time? It is for certain, Jesus gave us signs and wonders to bring us to acknowledge His soon coming, but it is more than this.  Catastrophes are being sent not “only” as harbingers of what will come but to give us indicators of our lack and to discover our need in order when the event shall take place we are ready to meet Him.

Too many of us are glued to the news in order to see the next event without preparing for the event which is truly the news, for our salvation.  Instead of the focus on the recent earthquakes, what is “quaking” in your life?  Your house or place of business might not have been crumbled but what is being shaken and crumbling in your life?  You may not be dying of thirst or swamped with flooding, but are you in your life?  Are you craving more news or inundated with too much news and yet you still remain the same—lost!

What is the truth?  Jesus is coming.  What must I do to be saved?  Whatever He says to do.  Is our focus too much outwardly we are not taking account of what is going on inwardly?  Instead of all the predictions of what has, is and will take place, how about making some predictions when you will overcome certain sins, show love and kindness to others, and make some real improvement to your life?

Predict that!


April 19, 2016