I’m going to be honest:  I have no clue as to what I’m going to write, at this point.  I just know the Lord stopped me from watching a video which I posted earlier because it was so good.  He’s implanted a thought, which He will flesh out and it will be posted in several minutes from now, but I have no clue as to what my fingers will type and what my mind will receive.  Usually, before I write something, I’m inspired with the complete thought and all I need to do is simply put it into words.  This is not the case.

Okay, here we go…”Lord, please, have Your way.”—Amen.

Post after post I write.  Post after post, some of you read.  Some of my posts contain videos of what I believe are sound, eloquent, necessary and fruitful messages.  However, perhaps as I would not listen or subject myself to those videos you might post, even perhaps some of you who are preachers, how can I expect the same of you?

Let us be honest with each other.  We cannot both be correct.  We cannot both be correct if we are having different views.  Now, I’m for one, do not believe we can put God in a box.  Yet, at the same time, I am also a believer there are no gray areas.  It is either “black” or “white”.  It is either “yes” or “no”.  There will never be a “maybe” with God.  It is my belief God wants His people to be on the “proverbial” one accord.  So, how do we go about getting there?

Let’s be honest.  For the majority of us, there will never be agreement, and those who are in the wrong will be lost and those who are in the right will be saved.  I’ve come to accept this point of view and will not be swayed from it.  However, we must be honest with ourselves, too.  We cannot state and adhere necessarily to the faith of which we were born without having researched.  I asked the same question myself in my mid 20’s.  Just because mother and father were, and because grandparents were on both sides didn’t mean it was right, for me.  So, I left, and like Dorothy of the Wizard of Oz, I found there was really, “no place like home.”  However, I compared where I was going to what I already knew and learned what I knew should have prevented me from where I was going!  Does that make sense?  This also does not mean I would not have issues with being at “home”, but is it me or the “home”, and can there be a reconciliation at some point? There better, IF, and I state emphatically again, IF, what I believe is “home” is in fact God’s true church for these last days.

With all the proliferation of churches and varying beliefs we have to admit they cannot all be correct.  So, what makes mine correct and yours not?  What makes yours correct and mine not?  To state that we’re all the same, (God’s Children) does not give us any clout.  We can’t walk together…you know the rest of it.  God will not and cannot have all these directions because God is “one” and there is no “mistake”, “misdirection” with Him.  We know He is the “strait” and “narrow”.  And to think He will not tell His people what is correct is to state we have an unjust God and we know this cannot be correct.

Out of all the people in the world, God chose Abraham.  Even before him, out of all the people in the world, He chose Noah.  Out of all the tribes He chose Judah, but there would only be one Son.  Jesus has done the same.  Out of all the people in the world, He has a church.  Out of all the churches in the world, He has a “remnant”, the last and single.  They cannot go out of it EXCEPT to tell the message to all the others, and all the others must come out of where they are, in order to join with the “remnant” otherwise, they will be lost.

This is in essence the message of the Third Angel in Rev. 14.

So, in order to know where we are and if we are doing what God is calling us to do we must go back to the Bible to determine what is this “Third Angel’s Message” for the world and church today.  Once we have researched it, then we have to determine if where we are presently is this message being presented, and if we can truly see we’re not sitting in the right place, we need to get up and get out and find the church which is teaching such.  I can be up front and honest, there is only one church, has to be, correct? Because a remnant means the last and it’ll be a small one, too, considering and comparing to all others, and if they’re preaching and teaching this particular angel’s message, THEN and only then can you know for a certainty, you’re headed in the right direction.


May 14, 2016