Yesterday, I had an occasion to stop by my local McD’s.  As I stood there wondering what to have for breakfast, the choice was not what I wanted but overcoming the urge to get that Egg McMuffin with sausage.  Man, I loved those sandwiches, ordering at least two whenever I frequented those early mornings.  Well, I’m thankful I was able to say none touched this palate.  Doing the basic egg and cheese on an English muffin just doesn’t do it for me.

I was grateful, too, when I sat down and did the customary prayer, I did not have to coerce God into blessing what He cannot bless.  I’m reminded of those days, during my addiction, when I would pray, “Lord, this is Your time to stand-down!  Satan, this is your time.  I need you to make certain I get the good stuff.  Direct me to the right source.”  Then I would add, “Lord, just keep the po-po from discovering me while out on this run.”

You think I didn’t pray like that?  I surely did.  However, I know, that I know, that I know, none of those prayers reached any further than the ceiling.  Why is it we pray for stupid stuff?  For example, that big ‘ol ham which will occupy most tables in two weeks will have the traditional prayer.  You think I am a picky-eater.  Well, let me let you in on a little newsflash, “God is a picky prayer-listener”.  He ain’t gonna bless what He has already cursed.  He’s not going to give you a blessing when He’s already informed you what is best for your health.

I remember when my brother was serving as an elder the folk called him to pray over a sick member who suffered from obesity and dying.  My brother simply said, “Why bother!  He’s only going to eat himself to death IF he recovered.  He knew what he was doing, so what would be the point?”  I like that kind of frankness.  In fact, we need more of this wherever we are.  While I did have several skirmishes with the po-po while “out there”, do you think it was God who handled that situation?  While the devil might have brought the trafficker into my sphere, dude was trying to kill me.  I can be thankful it was God who prevented that at least to give me time to repent, but He had a longer range plan, for me, and I’m grateful He did.

Reflecting back, I can remember when I was about 25 I gave up on God.  I told Him I was no longer interested in serving Him and, in fact, stopped believing in Him.  It was then I realized I served a God who was handicapped.  Well, let’s say He was a victim of “selective hearing disorder”.  I’m grateful He didn’t listen to all my prayers.

Gotta get out the vacuum, every now and then, and suck those prayers from off the ceiling!

Chambermaid vacuuming hotel room ceiling

Chambermaid vacuuming hotel room ceiling

December 13, 2016