“But thou, O Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book, even to the time of the end: many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased.” Dan 12:4 (KJV)

I’m sitting here wondering, “Why now?”  In my early years, growing up third generation Seventh Day Adventist, and being inundated with “Spirit of Prophecy” writings, and most definitely good preaching by the pastors I had as a youth, but little did I know anything about the “pioneers” of our great faith.  Although I heard of Andrews University, even visited in the early 70’s, I never knew of whom it was named.  I didn’t know about his contributions to what I believe today, hence, why I am reading and posting each chapter—now, so others who may not know, may not have had the benefit may do so now.

I’m believing it is so true the words of the prophet Daniel about how “knowledge shall be increased” in these end days.  These individuals who wrote in the 1800’s, was available to those who sought, but why not as easily available during the 50’s, the year of my birth and into the 70’s, the year of my adult maturation?  Is it time for the unveiling or has satan has his hand in covering these precious gems?  Could it be technology has so advanced where now these writings are made available to anyone who has access to it?  I can tell you one thing, had I had these writings during my earlier years, many of the questions I had recently would have been answered, and my faith bolstered to the point confusion would have been long resolved.  They weren’t called “pioneers” without good reason.

When I think of the word “pioneer”, I think of the people escaping religious persecution in Europe to come to the western world later called the Americas.  I think of those prospectors who went even further westward in search of the precious metal gold.  I think of the slaves coming across the ocean entering a new world from that which they were taken and I think of Seventh Day Adventists, who called out of protestant movement to strike a path away from the common ground of understanding.  In each of these leadings, God was present, in bringing His people to where we are now, and is it not interesting, that our going “forward” is having much to do with looking “backward” because our true faith lies not in the future but in our past, but we have to be willing to work hard in order to unearth that which is covered!  And once we have a good handle on what God has given us in our past, God is able to usher in the future, which was once prophecy will now become present experience, and we will be better able to understand it’s import and help those who hadn’t been blessed with what we’ve been given.

I’m grateful for the time I take going out with my digital shovel to push away the bytes to unearth the data which has been there all along, just waiting for natural eyes to take in its wonder.

Happy Studying…


January 2, 2016

Adventist Pioneers