“You and your associates in the sanitarium work need a pilot with you constantly, else you will be shipwrecked. You surely must understand your peril. Satan is making every effort to turn you aside into strange paths. God has strengthened you. Your soul must be sanctified through the truth, that your steadfast adherence to principles may be plain to all.” (Testimonies to the Church, Volume 8, Chapter 24.)

When we think of the word, “pilot”, many of us conjure images of airports and the guy with the four bars on his/her shoulder.  Those of us who have lived near coastal areas have witnessed another sort of pilot, one who guides these tremendously huge vessels from the open seas to port and the reverse.  I could not imagine flying a commercial airliner never mind a cruise ship.  I remember having trouble initiating corners in my father’s van!  However, a pilot in these instances guides these huge vessels in a path of safety.  They’re able to see and know where danger lurks and the captains of these vessels trust them.

We are the captains of our souls.  We are the ones who fly, drive and sail.  However, throughout our lives we, too, need a pilot who is able to bring us into the port of salvation and it comes about because we trust Him.  We know He comes fully equipped, well aware of the dangers lurking seen and unseen and we must put our full trust into His hands.

We remark how the pilot landed the airliner in the Hudson River several years back without loss of life.  While this may have been a remarkable feat, it pales in comparison when you consider soon the many people who would have landed safely on the shores of the heavenly Promised Land!  Think of the many evils avoided.  Think of the many evils experienced and yet you were guided through them onto safe waters.  We owe a lot to our pilot, Christ.

I’m thankful He steers my ship and gladly hand over my captain’s control.


April 25, 2016