When sin entered into the world our first parents discovered something as a result, whatever it was which covered them was gone, and the “shame of their nakedness did appear”.  They had perverted what was good, righteous and true and it became apparent to each other, and to God, they were revealed and therefore needed covering.

When Christ died, it had to be the full shame of what our parents experienced.  He, too, would be stripped of His garments and before the world, his mother and friends, and God, He, too, would have to experience the “nakedness” of our sins, for He had none, had to be made apparent.  However, because of the “political correctness” of our time, depictions whether photo, drawing or movie animations will have Him covered.

We spend so much time in effort of “covering up” the naked of our sins.  How many hours are spent in producing the covering of our righteousness by labels of clothing manufacturers so we can sit refined in pews of worship giving the appearance everything is alright with ourselves?  In the cult classic movie, “The Man with the X-ray Eyes”, (1963) depicted a man who at first was able to see the actual body, despite the layers of clothing, bringing embarrassment to him and shame upon others.

In the African culture we see the perverted ideology which constitutes women and pants when in fact women are more covered up wearing them than wearing dresses and exposure is less experienced.  We see the perversion taking place in movies and television.  Even the stage was assaulted when in 1969 “Oh Calcutta” first appeared on Broadway.  The extreme acceptance of public nudity and demonstrating such became acceptable.  Sin itself being lessened and experienced as college students experience “streaking” through city streets and campuses as a rite of passage.

Even my own personal struggle first experienced in 1961, a boy of six years old exhibiting what the DSM-IV would characterized as a paraphilia, “exhibitionism”, which would carry throughout my life.  So in every facet of human experience, what became an indication of the perversion of right now became the right of perversion.  From nude beaches to nude social clubs, the fight for legalization of what was an indicator of sin becomes the hallmark of freedom, a “perversion of perversions”.  And he who would cause all this mess to begin with, his own people from priests to nuns, from imams to the hijab/burqa wearing women cover their personnel as to distinguish them from, well, the rest of us “sinners”!  Go figure.

One day we will get it right, again, when what covered Adam and Eve will become the covering of those who have fought the struggle, resisted the urge and put away the filth whether it be entertaining, mental defect or just plain curiosity.


April 4, 2016