If it sounds as if I’m “anti” Christmas, I am.  Let there be no confusion regarding the matter.  I dislike it when I hear people say, “Keep Christ in Christmas”, as if He ever was!  Show me in Scripture.  Well, we know how far that one goes.  It’s similar to those who try to prove Sunday worship by the Scriptures.  Sadly, Christmas and Sunday worship both come from the same place.  No, I’m not speaking about the Roman Catholic Church.  They were only the “tool” by the one who created them both, Satan.

I have a friend who loves to say, “Let’s go see what the Bible says…”, so, let’s do that.  If we’re going to stand upon it’s principles, then we need to decide to do so now or not.

In all my studies, 48 years and counting, I’ve not seen anything remotely mentioned regarding birthdays, except for King Herod and John the Baptist.  And, as you remember the story, the end result was John losing his head.  Now, there are notable mentions of births, such as the first son, Cain and, later his brother, Abel.  There’s Moses, Samuel, Sampson and several others.  When we get to the New Testament, obviously Christ.  Nowhere in the Scriptures do I find, maybe you do, any mention the celebration of His birth AFTER being born or even the Disciples, as far as the Scriptures can go almost to the end of the first century.  Did you?  Not one scintilla of any record of any celebration regarding anyone’s birthday even Christ.  Now, why is that?  For me, I think it has a lot to do with the Commandment that deals with images and idols, Commandment number 2.  In fact, I have a difficult time approving post requests which depict an image of Christ.  Now, if you happen to have a snapshot, let me know, and I’ll be glad to use it.

I also believe when the “Time of Trouble” is upon us, those of you who are so caught up in this foolishness will be asked one question, “You don’t observe Sunday as according to your belief in the Scriptures, yet you observe Christmas where there is also no mention, and yet both are from the same source!  Why is that?”  What answer could you possibly give them in defense for what you do.  In fact, post your answer now.  I need a good laugh.

Sadly, when I witness to those who are Sunday worshipers, and can feel their passion and their willingness to defend the “delusion”, or let’s put it out there, “lie”, it saddens me more when I find Adventists, will do the same regarding this pagan holiday, so-called, “Christmas”.  Now, this is the Bible speaking and only the Bible.  Sure, there will be some of you who’ll throw in what Mrs. White had to say in Adventist Home, Chapter 77.  So can those who defend Sunday will throw in who they want, but the truth of the matter is:  THERE IS NO SCRIPTURAL PROOF OR FOUNDATION FOR THIS BELIEF.

John the Baptist, a great man, lost his head for the truth he represented and yet there are many of you “losing” your head over the representation and defense of a lie!  Who’s deceived?  Nominal Christians and Sunday worship, or Adventist and Christmas?

Answer quickly because I hear the time of execution is near.


December 12, 2014


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