Upon the completion of the book, “From Sabbath To Sunday” by Dr. S. Bacchiocchi, I came across this particular quotation:

“We might say, therefore, that Paul rejected the Sabbath as a means of salvation but accepted it as a shadow pointing to the substance which belongs to Christ.”

In other words, Paul in speaking with the Colossians, the verse which is often used by proponents of Sunday-worship against the Seventh Day (Saturday) Sabbath:

“Let no man therefore judge you in meat, or in drink, or in respect of an holyday, or of the new moon, or of the sabbath days:” Col 2:16 (KJV)

Would appear Paul is in fact speaking against keeping the Sabbath day.  However, we know this is not the case.  However, Dr. Bacchiocchi’s quotation sheds a different light, which needs to be taken into consideration with regards to the imminent Sunday Legislation, which will have people needing to make the decision of whether or not they will keep the true Sabbath (Saturday) versus the false sabbath (Sunday).

I think the key to understanding Paul’s position is to remember to whom he is speaking.  If you read carefully, and prayerfully, Paul’s writing to the church in Colosse, Rome and Galatia, it may appear there are contradictions; however, each church had its own specific problems and had to be addressed as such.  The problem is when we read these letters, lump them together and attempt to apply it to ourselves in a general manner, we are going to find ourselves in trouble doing this!

Let me make this clear:  There is no salvation in keeping the Sabbath.  We do not do it in order to BE saved, but we do it because we LOVE God and want to do as He has commanded.

When the Israelites left Egypt there were Egyptians who saw their country being decimated by a power they’d come to know, left with them.  However, their association with Israel did not make them Jews.  However, when we read the Book of Esther, and the conflict which ensued at that time, the Bible states clearly many of the foreign people “became” Jews!  So, it is not by birth which makes one a Jew, but belief and a desire to follow the only true God.

While it is certain, for us today, at this present time, not keeping the Sabbath is paramount WHEN you do not know, but there will come a time when keeping the Sabbath IS paramount to being identified as being a true believer of God.  Let me say it in this way:  God’s people will be determined by those who keep the Sabbath day (Saturday), and those who do not keep it are not God’s people and WILL NOT be saved.

During Sunday Legislation, the civil and religious authorities will pass a law to worship (congregational worship) on any other day than Sunday is unlawful and punishable by death.  Don’t laugh.  This occurred once before as exemplified by the familiar story of the Three Hebrews in Babylon.  In most jurisdictions in the United States there are already Sunday laws written; however, they are not enforced—but will be, soon!  And it is at THAT TIME when God will begin to “seal” (Sabbath-keeping) His people versus those who will not be sealed, (Mark of the Beast) “Sunday-keeping” or those who have nothing to do with God—period.

So, when we consider Paul’s words, he is speaking about those who “continue” to judge based upon the perverted keeping of the Sabbath.  The fact it is perverted doesn’t mean we can justifiably do away with the whole Commandment.  It means we need to do away with the perversion and begin keeping it the way God intended:  the memorialization of Creation, which is also exemplified in the salvation of man.

You will not be able to look at God and say, “Your Apostle taught us we needn’t keep the Sabbath.”  How then do you reconcile Paul’s life in the book of Acts which shows him keeping, teaching and worshiping on the Sabbath as was His custom?  How do you reconcile the custom of Christ who kept the Sabbath, preaching, teaching and healing?

And when the time comes when you will be faced with making the decision to keep God’s “true” Sabbath versus the devil’s “false” sabbath (Sunday), don’t think you can hop ship and begin keeping because it first begins with a reformation in the heart.  It’s not the “act” but the “heart” which determines if you are a true Sabbath-keeper.  Just because the Jews keep the Sabbath won’t buy them any favors because they presently reject Christ.  Don’t think that Seventh day Baptists will be saved because their origins came BEFORE the ending of the prophetic 1,260 (day/year) period and they were not given the “testimonies of Jesus Christ” which is the “spirit of prophecy.”

My friends, while the Sabbath will not “save” you it will however “condemn” you by not keeping what God has commanded.


May 9, 2015


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