I just concluded listening to one of my favorite, all-time favorite, Gospel recording artists, Andrae Crouch, and the thought occurred to me, what about him?  I know, many of you may read my continuing bombardment about the Sabbath versus Sunday.  Well, I have a newsflash for you, it’s not going to stop!  You see, I’m tasked with the responsibility of doing one thing:  “passing it on.”

Andrae went to sleep in January of this year.  He’s had his moments, struggles and his time has finished.  I don’t and won’t know of the decision God will make regarding my brother, and like Paul, I can only have “hope” I’ll be listening to him sing once again, a live concert in Glory.  What about you?  Many of you I grew up with while there are many more I’ve met recently on this medium, Facbook.  I’ve had the pleasure of seeing men and women I went to school with now serving the Lord as preachers and teachers.  There have been many of us who have stopped living and now awaiting Christ’s return with the verdict of our determination of our future state.  For many, news either way will be a surprise, but my mission, my ministry, my message is for those who are still alive and remaining.

How many of you when you hear about a sale which is so good you have to “pass it on” to our family and friends?  This Gospel is no different.  I know many of you are sincere in your walk and talk but is it enough?  I was discussing this word, “sincere” with a friend the other day and had to point out to her, while sincerity is a plus, there are going to be many of us who will be sincerely wrong!  And, this won’t benefit us at all.  WE NEED TO BE RIGHT.

There is coming a time, and not too much farther down the road when you, my school-mates, friends and relatives when you will hear something called, “Sunday Legislation” being made.  Whatever reasons or excuse you will hear, the basis of it will be this:  those who will not honor Sunday, are going to be persecuted for their not joining with the majority and honoring Sunday as the day of worship.  Yes, it is going to happen.  AND it will be at THIS time when you will have to make a decision.  You see, you are going to be reminded of this man, ol’ Bro. Roy’s messages of warning about Saturday versus Sunday, Sabbath versus paganism and tradition, and THIS is the time when whatever decision you make will determine your fate, whether you will be sealed by God or receive the “Mark of the Beast”.  Yes, I know many of you have heard about it, this “Mark of the Beast” but you have all the wrong ideas of what it is.  Let me “pass it on” to you, what this “Mark of the Beast” is.  It is when you disobey God.  And the evidence of this disobedience is when you will take up the decision to worship on Sunday.  Watch what I say!  The time is coming.

I cannot say it any clearer than this.  The issue which will decide our fate, your fate, my fate, which will separate humanity into two different groups:  those who follow God’s Ten Commandments and those who don’t.  It is in those Ten Commandments we learn and know the truth regarding how God has commanded us to worship Him and it won’t matter how sincere you are in your belief and faith, like the old prophet Samuel told King Saul, “Is it not better to obey than to sacrifice?”

God has already paid the sacrifice for you.  You don’t need to do any further payment with your own lives.  Decide, if not now, when you hear what I’ve already told you about “Sunday Legislation”, how the civil government will regulate how one can worship.  Believe it or not these laws have been on the books for many states in the U.S., called, “Sunday Blue Laws”, but they’re not enforced—not yet, but they will, and then what will happen to those who will THEN be breakers of the civil law in order to comply with God’s Law?  They will receive the “Seal of God”.  For now, again, I’m just…

…Passing it on.


April 3, 2015


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