I woke up about an hour ago to hearing about the attacks on Paris.  I don’t want it to seem I’m not sympathetic to what has occurred, nor do I want to minimize the event, but I do need to compare this and also provide a warning.

I can make a blanket statement by saying this:  I can assure you God has not lost one individual in the attacks.  How do I know this without them even having identified the people who lost their lives?  Because of this simple fact:  None of God’s people would be sitting in a “secular” concert on the Sabbath.

When I account the history of Jerusalem being attacked and destroyed, as per what Christ said, the warning was seen, rather, recognized by the recent converts to Christianity and they left Jerusalem in 68 AD.  In 70 AD, Jerusalem was sacked and over 1,100,000 Jews lost their lives.  Not one single Christian died.  Not one.  They took the warning given in prophecy nearly 40 years ago seriously.

How about ourselves?  I need to make this statement.  I’m concerned about one particular friend I grew up with, in the church, and often see her posts about attending some event, secular, and when I calculate the time in Cleveland, without a doubt it is the Sabbath!  You are placing yourself in a dangerous situation and should such an event had taken place, in Cleveland as it was in Paris, and you were sitting there, you might have become a casualty.  Let’s take it to a higher understanding.  While you may not suffer any temporal loss, what about your spiritual loss?  You know better!

We expect and have been warned regarding the Islamic influences and how they will be attacking as well as how everyone will be against them.  This should come as no surprise.  But when we place ourselves in places we have no business, we cannot expect God to come to the rescue when He has already given warning and we do not take it seriously.  I can say this with conviction and convincingly, there would have been no persons killed had they’d all been following God’s Commandment regarding the keeping of the Sabbath day.  Not a single one.

Take the warning seriously.


November 14, 2015