Many may acclaim the “origin of false religion” began during the Egyptian Empire.  Many will attribute it to the Babylonian period and even to Rome, but, insofar as man should be concerned, the “origin of false religion” began just outside the Garden of Eden when Cain brought his offering to God.  Here, two men raised similarly in how to worship, one would deviate from the plain path which had always worked prior thinking to do something better found unsatisfactory results.  Sadly, the same applies today, this unsatisfactory results which many find to be satisfying!

God has not ever left in the hands of man how to worship Him.  He being God has specified how He desires to be worshiped.  Consider this:  you are the employer of a company.  You hire people to perform a particular task according to the protocols established, by you.  If someone changes them, no matter how sincere they are, this does not and cannot satisfy you, does it?  Why would it be any less for God?

Why do we use the word “love” as the reason and excuse to do what we want thinking it will be acceptable?  God’s love is so great and wonderful it excuses us and He will be satisfied in our effort and shortcomings. Really?  Is this the mindset you have?  Well, out of the two brothers, Cain and Abel, you would be on the side of Cain and you KNOW the story and how that worked out for him.

The story of “Cain and Abel” is the story of mankind’s relationship with God.  It is in a nutshell the totality of this world’s religious experience.  Those who follow God and those who “seem” to follow God.  One does it the way God has specified and the other does it the way they wish to do it, becoming traditions, creeds and customs.  Could Cain find, if there was a Bible to be found then, any recorded proof which would have sanctioned what he did?  I’m afraid not.  The same today.  Show me one Scripture which sanctions worship and congregational worship taking place on Sunday.  God said quite clearly, “Remember the “seventh” day to keep it holy”.  Show me one text, just one, where He says, “Remember the “first” day (Sunday) to keep it holy”.  Show me one text, in Scripture, where God says, “all days are holy”.  So many misuse the Scripture found in Colossians where they believe God is saying, “Judge ye no man…” which had nothing to do with the seventh day Sabbath nor the unclean meat He had written elsewhere.  They use this text to justify their being “Cain” and not Abel!

Cain eventually received a “mark” separating him from God’s people.  The same will occur soon where Cain’s followers, because this is who you’ve become, will, too, receive a “mark” designating you not as one of God’s, but of Cain, who followed in the way of his father, not of Adam, but satan.

Whose mark are you wearing?


September 14, 2015