I find it interesting when people raise the question, “Do you think there is only one church which is God’s Church?”  Yet, throughout religious history, God has over and over again, chose “only one” when there were many to select, but those “one’s” needed to have had a specific requirement, fulfilled it, thereby were chosen as a result of it.  If God would do this yesterday, why not today?

Let’s begin with Adam.  God made “only one” man to begin what we have today.  Could He have made more than one man?  Yes, He could have, but He didn’t.  He made “only one”.  And, he would suffice.

Enoch.  Out of all the people alive at the time, this man, this “only one” man was so righteous doing what God asked all men to do, God would take this man.

Noah.  A world full of people and he was chosen because of his obeying God.  How many of us would like to have it said we found “grace” and “favored”, “just and perfect”?

Shem.  Chosen from his brethren to originate the people of God.

Abraham.  His life is such an exemplary lifestyle, God would not only select him out of so many but separate him from even his own family in order to keep him pure from the stain of idolatry.

Jacob.  It didn’t matter the closeness of even twins, yet God would state emphatically, “Jacob I loved.  Esau I hated.”  Sounds to me like a choice being made.

Joseph.  Out of all his brethren, he was chosen to a type of “Christ” which would prove a savior for His people.

We could go on and on, David, Daniel, Isaiah, to Christ Himself and why is it we are having trouble with the thought God would select “only one” church out of all the churches who claim to love Him?  The Scripture is clear, Christ would come for His bride, not brides.  There would be only one church who faithfully served Him despite the many imposters prevalent.

The question needs to be asked, “The church where you fellowship, is it Christ’s bride?”  One of the qualifiers of knowing which church is of God, the next question would need to be asked, “Are they doing all of what God has commanded?”  Can you be a part of a church which goes against God’s Commandments and still be saved? God only has “one” church, truly, but He has many people who are still attending those false churches and the time is soon, very soon, when the pronouncement will go forth quite clearly and decisively for them to come out of the false churches into the “only one” which is doing what God has commanded.

In short, and I need to make this clear:  “If your church does not keep the Fourth Commandment, it cannot possibly be the “only one”, but you do not have to remain there if they won’t change.  You can come out and join with God’s church because it is truly not a corporeal issue as much as it is a personal matter, right now, between you and God.

Don’t wait until it is too late.


June 20, 2016