FACT: Satan was able to tempt one-third of the angels. Think about this for a moment. ONE THIRD! Not only is it a lot of angels, but angels who stood in the presence of God! Angels who were privy to know truth and experience directly the benevolence of God. Yet, it didn’t matter. Satan was able to produce lies and scheme to bring about the demise of perfect beings.

What chance do we have? We’re not even close to being perfect and do we think we can possibly stand up against him? The angels had God on their side, so do not think to use this as your excuse. They had every advantage equal to our own, so why do you not contemplate what are the lies you may be believing just as the fallen angels which caused their problems?

For us, the Devil has caused three major errors to be believed by God’s people: (1) The “State of the Dead”. His first lie in the Garden of Eden, “thou shalt not ‘surely’ die” is still being told. The lie of believing we go to heaven when we die is a lie. (2) We do not have to keep God’s Commandments. This lie destroys the foundation of God’s character and connection with God’s people. In fact, how are you to be judged if there is no law! In courts today, one is adjudged based upon the law of the land. So, how can we be judged if there is “law of God’s land”? Foolishness. And the third lie (3) Christ is not God. He said it himself that he would rise above God. To rise above God would mean to receive worship which is not his own. If you are not worshiping God in the way He has determined, then you are worshiping Satan. You cannot offer to God what you want, but what He wants. Cain found that out.

How many of you have fallen for one or more of the three lies used to trick man into following the deceiver? Ask any one of the fallen angels how it worked out for them because this is the same path you’re following.

THIS is the gospel which needs to be understood.


July 14, 2014


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