There was a childhood song whose lyrics went, “Give me oil in my lamp, keep me burning…”  Just a moment ago I read Zechariah 4 where it is described the “golden candlestick”.  As I sat here contemplating the words, I imagined a candle.  Not the type we call candles today, but the one specifically mentioned in the Bible, how “oil” was constantly being fed into the wick which burned providing light.  If there was no fire there would be no need for oil to be drawn.  In the case where there is no oil, there would be no light.  They must work hand-in-hand in order to function properly.

This demonstrates the Christian experience.  God is constantly sharing with His people information tantamount to their salvation; however, He doesn’t give it to them to keep to themselves.  When it is kept, the fire is not burning.  When there is no fire burning, no further information is given because the container holding the oil remains closed from receiving anything else, and the system has failed.

I also thought about my experience, my life today.  I’m doing what I enjoy doing, researching, studying and writing what I believe are inspired pieces of “light” to share.  Sometimes I wonder what I will write today, when it comes clearly, to me, “It’s never been up to ‘you’ but ‘Me’, and what I want to say ‘using’ you.”  I’m the wick.  Often, too, I have to be trimmed, which means to be “cut”, in order to burn properly to provide the most efficient and best light possible.  Being “cut” hurts, too!  So, allow me to take a moment to do a little bit of “cutting”.  So, if you feel a little pain, it’s normal.  It means there was some dross which needed to be sheared in order for you to burn properly, too.

I read my newsfeed.  I read many of the posts which are on the newsfeed.  For example, I have a nephew I love dearly.  He posts some of the best and funniest posts I enjoy, yet I don’t see any “light” interspersed between these posts.  I was at your baptism.  I witnessed your preaching.  Where did it all go?  I’m retired, so I can speed more time reading my Bible.  I’m expected to do so.  Those of you who are still working, how much time are you giving—daily, to the reading, studying of God’s Word?  You don’t have to answer because it’s indicative by the light, or lack thereof, by your posts.  Facebook, although can definitely be equated as a “tool of the devil” is also a powerful tool to be used for God, yet I don’t see many of us taking advantage of it.  I’m just doing some cutting today.  Perhaps, now, there will be more light because in truth, I seek light.  I bathe in the warmth of the light.  Your experiences, if shared, is what gives me the strength to continue doing my part.  We’re working together, or should be.

Now, I don’t hold myself up as an example, but then again, aren’t we all?  How many family, friends, co-workers are reading your posts?  How many of them may not find themselves on the receiving end of your witness when you’re face-to-face, but they might read if you shared your faith, some of that oil?

“Give me oil in my lamp, keep me burning.  Keep it burning till the light of day…”


January 15, 2015 


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