Reading comments on one post a woman was upset because of the discussion and attention given to the Bible Sabbath as opposed to the pagan (Sunday).  She made it quite clear she was disturbed and how God led her mother into a particular church which met on Sunday.  How she became so involved and led other members until her whole family are now “saved”.

She raises a good and logical point but the question I would have to ask is this:  How many will begin a journey and stop having never reaching the final destination?  Doesn’t make sense, does it? If it was my intention and desire to reach the Philippines in 2013 when I left the United States, no matter how beautiful the islands might be in Hawaii or Guam, my goal would never have been met, as long as I stopped somewhere halfway.

The same goes for our Christian walk as well.  Many of us began our journey not knowing anything about God and the relevance He has for our lives.  We might have been exposed to someone who was a Jehovah’s Witness, or Church of Christ, who other denomination which has a mission purpose to reach those, and while this is commendable it is not the end of the journey.

There is coming—soon, a time when those who are worshipping on Sunday will be shown truth regarding why Sunday worship came about.  There is no Scriptural reference nor credence given for it, and the truth regarding God’s “true” Sabbath, His holy day from Friday sunset until Saturday sunset will be given to the world in such a magnificent power it will be impossible for anyone to not know the truth, and then it will be a time to make a decision.  Either you will be for God and want to go the remainder of the journey, or you can remain stuck at the place you’ve determined is good enough.

Being “saved” is a term often thrown about in church circles but the truth of the matter is we are being “saved” daily.  Until your eyes have closed and you have breathed your last breath there is always the possibility of your not being saved!  Tomorrow can be totally different than today, and we need to recognize it is not only He which holds us, but we must desire to be held because the least little thing can take us out of the fold we’re called to be.

However, let us never be fooled into thinking we have arrived when we haven’t.


March 20, 2016